Trade, Commerce and Industry threatens legal actions against Ramu Nickel Mine

MaruPNG Today

PNG Minister Trade, Commerce and Industry Ministry has threatened to take legal action against Ramu Nickel Mine, if it doesn’t meet the repatriation cost of the body of one its workers, who died during duties in Madang.

Richard Maru is demanding the mine to meet the costs of repatriation of the late Kennet Karis to Yangoru, in East Sepik.

Late Karis was murdered whilst working in a pit in the mine.

Mr Maru is questioning the safety and operating standards of the mine, as there is no proper lighting, fencing and security to secure and demarcate the mine operations in pits from public access.

He says he will be calling for full scale investigation into the operations of the mine to ascertain whether the mine is operating within world standards,

And whether the Mining Inspector has been diligent in enforcing compliance with safety standard at that mine.



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5 responses to “Trade, Commerce and Industry threatens legal actions against Ramu Nickel Mine

  1. daniel katie

    if his point of hire is sepik, then obliviously the company should be looking at meeting its funeral costs. if its point of hire is madang, then the company should provide assistance for its funeral expenses. having said that, I believe there should be an investigation into the cause of his death. it should be a police matter. safety is a major concern and an audit should be conducted to verify if mcc is meeting the accepted safety standards applicable to all mining areas in png and the world.

  2. The minister himself is to be blamed for not knowing under what conditions the mining companies in PNG are operating. He should be checking the laws, acts etc of the country and try to make all companies accountable for their actions, neglect, decisions or operations in the country. Reacting to a one off incident like this is too childish for a Government Minister.

  3. Ding

    The deceased point of hire is Madang and the Company has no obligation to repatriate the body to the MP’s electrate of Yangoru. He was identified as from Usino by the local landowners. He has a family there as well. And his point of hire is Usino.
    The Minister is too childish to comment without understanding the situation that lead to the deceased murger. IIt was not work related but from the deceased extra maritual affairs.

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