Tolukuma mine waste affecting locals


Luke Miria | Post Courier

I write to appeal to the National Government of Papua New Guinea, through its ministerial arms of both mining and health ministries, about the Tolukuma mine in Central Province.

For far too long, the people residing near the Angabanga catchment have suffered from mining activities. People residing beside the river have been using it for generations as a means of livelihood.

The ongoing river pollution has put the livelihood of the people living downstream at risk. It is about time that the Government does a thorough investigation in collecting blood samples of the people affected and reveal the consequences imposed by the mine to the people.

Furthermore, I urge the Minister for Mining, Byron Chan, to direct the mining company to dispose its waste responsibly and take heed of the people’s plight in compensating the damages it has done on both the environment and the people.

For instance, the Abiara Or Eke people have a high rate of unknown diseases which I believe is a result of mining pollution. This simple remote village entirely relies on its marine resources for survival.

It is unfortunate that the future of this humble village is at the verge of losing its young generation as a result of pollution.

Therefore to Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo and Central Governor Kila Haoda, please I urge you to continue fighting for our people until they receive what is rightfully theirs.

I bet you history will always remember you for your deeds. I would also acknowledge Mr Isoaimo for his continuous support for this course and may, God-willing, you achieve your goal.

To Environment and Conservation Minister John Pundari, Health Minister Michael Malabag and Mr Chan, we need your blessing for this worthy cause. Please address our plight.


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Filed under Environmental impact, Human rights, Papua New Guinea

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