Warning over PNG PM’s Bougainville manoeuvres

panguna wcf

Radio New Zealand

A Papua New Guinea opposition MP Sam Basil has warned about the prime minister Peter O’Neill’s interest in the Panguna mine in Bougainville.

Mr O’Neill last month met with the president of the autonomous Bougainville region, John Momis, over a reported government proposal to purchase 53% of Rio Tinto’s shares in Bougainville Copper Limited.

Mr Momis, whose administration has been in recent discussions with BCL about a possible re-opening of the mine, rejected the proposal.

The prime minister has since denied that the government is interested in buying in on Panguna.

But Mr Basil says Mr O’Neill’s latest move to appoint himself Minister for Bougainville Affairs is ominous.

“With his actions, in terms of dealing with other mines – Tolukuma and Ok Tedi – I think the people of Bougainville should be very wary of the prime minister’s actions, and they should be very careful on how they allow the prime minister to deal with their mine. So we should be very careful with Mr Peter O’Neill. He has lied to us many times.”



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3 responses to “Warning over PNG PM’s Bougainville manoeuvres

  1. mister meaner

    goverments lie thats what they do best

  2. Another lying Prime Minister and in this current case Peter O’Neill the current Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. It is obvious that he is working closely with Rio Tinto and BCL and in doing so shall we say it lets them off the hook for the environmental damage done at Panguna and also the death of approximately 20,000 people of Bougainville. Why would he let BCL and Rio Tinto off the hook? A dirty deal done dirt cheap.
    Obviously sucked in by the multinational mining company who wish to escape their human rights abuses and the environmental damage they caused on Bougainville.
    Why does Prime Minister O’Neill seem so brainless at this time knowing he has lied to the media, lied to his people in Papua New Guinea and also lying to the people of Bougainville?
    Again obvious. There is a dollar/kina to be made and BCL and Rio Tinto have a good deal too just like Ok Tedi where BHP had a good deal.
    Basically, NO responsibility for the sh*t, human rights abuses and the devastation BCL and Rio Tinto did to Bougainville.
    O’Neill a puppet like Somare, Wingti and Chan.
    And now so perfectly placed as the Minister of Bougainville Affairs like a puppet on a string.

  3. All I can say ????? They have all lined there pockets at the Bougavilions Expence ,

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