Fiji tying itself to a failed economic model

Fiji’s Prime Minister Bainimarama claims large-scale mining is the way forward for his country – but maybe the people will not be so easily fooled. A quick glance across the water to PNG should provide a chilling glimpse of what the future could hold if large-scale mining takes off. PNG has been wedded to large-scale mining for decades with devastating social, environmental and financial consequences. Billions of dollars have been made by the big foreign mining companies but local people have only the costs to comfort them…

PM: Mining will take Fiji forward

Aninesh Gopal | Fiji Times

PRIME Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says mining is one of the areas that will take Fiji forward.

Mr Bainimarama made the comment while handing over the lease to Tuvatu Gold Mine in Sabeto, Nadi this week.

“We will be revising our policy and institutional framework for mining and quarrying to update antiquated legislation so that responsible mining and mineral exploration and mining companies will work with us,” he said.

“I hope Tuvatu can be a model of what we can achieve economically, socially and environmentally.”

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