Why should alluvial miners sell their gold to the ABG?

alluvial miners

Bougainville Freedom Movement

If Momis and the ABG want to control and profit from the sector of alluvial gold mining in Bougainville [Bougainville could build small gold refinery], they should firstly consider the safety of the workers by equipping the workers with safety gear and consider their health needs and risks.

Secondly, what is Momis proposing to those who have risked their lives by informally but lucratively doing alluvial gold mining in that thousands of Bougainvilleans have relied on for income?

Mr Momis said the ABG wanted to control and profit from the sector by including perhaps setting up a small refinery so he and the ABG can entice the alluvial gold miners to sell to him and the ABG rather than selling the gold to outsiders through Solomon Islands or even PNG, different ports, and paying nothing, no tax all to the ABG.

Mr Momis stated on 29 December 2015 that the PNG national tax office was failing to hand over taxes collected in Bougainville. So until Momis rectifies why the taxes collected in Bougainville are not returned to Bougainville and staying in the coffers of the Papua New Guinea national tax office, why on earth would the alluvial gold miners sell their gold to the ABG?


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