Ok Tedi continues search for employee

Ok Tedi mine

Post Courier | 15 March 2016

Following the tragic incident at the Ok Tedi mine last Thursday, efforts have focused on the safe recovery of one of the lost employees.

Ok Tedi mine management report stated that unfortunately their recovery efforts have been hampered by ongoing rain and continuing instability in the area where the rock fall occurred.

A statement issued by the company said that the safety of the recovery team remains the highest priority.

Ok Tedi said specialised equipment is being brought to site to aid the search.

Following a preliminary inspection by mine inspectors, work recommenced yesterday in all areas of the mine other than the centre pit where the incident occurred.

The statement said that work in the centre pit is limited to recovery efforts and drainage works, under strict access conditions.

It said that work in all other areas of the business resumed on Saturday, March 11.

A Haus Krai has been organised in Tabubil with large numbers of employees attending to pay their respect for a lost workmate.



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2 responses to “Ok Tedi continues search for employee

  1. Our sincere condolences and in solidarity to the family and friends of this working class hero and his unfortunate death from the grips of unsafe mining practices originating from a big Australian mining company BHP who disrespectfully had no intention to clean up their revolting environmental mess at the Ok Tedi mine and who conveniently knowing they handed it over to the people of PNG who obviously were not aware of what they had taken on at Ok Tedi mine which ultimately allowed and let BHP Billiton of the hook for the environmental damage and devastation it knew it caused.
    With deepest sympathy.

  2. Saiilor

    What a shame and disgrace to OTML the biggest mining operation in the country…MRA, please, investigate, sack the management and implement / upgrade safety systems.

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