In the name of economic development, facilities in preparation for an envisaged second civil war in Bougainville


Vilia Ngele

Foreign investors. The people of Bougainville must not slumber nor go to sleep! Do not be blindfolded by the so call, ‘economic growth’ as promoted by the president of the autonomous region of Bougainville, Mr. John Momis by bringing in his relatives from China.

New Dawn Bougainville website published the article ‘Chinese Potential Investors arrive in Bougainville’ on the 16th of March 2016, written by Joe Elijah.  

A High-powered Chinese Potential Investors are in the Region. The Chinese delegation are here following an invitation from the Chinese Government, who invited the ABG President, Hon Chief Dr. John Moms to address a Business Conference in China last year… … …

I thought Bougainvilleans fought to enjoy their privileges of running their own businesses! Not Chinese! Did the more than 20,000 people die in vain? Momis is setting up a dangerous road to a possible second civil war in the region.  Once Chinese are in, they are in for good. They now have their own security guards, protecting their shops in Buka and most of them are from Buin, south of Bougainville, where Mr. John Momis comes from. The only way to get rid of the Chinese is to chase them out completely from the region.

I urge the people of Bougainville to closely observe and scrutinize the sorts of activities and facilities that are being built in parts of Bougainville and Buka in the name of economic development.

Communication towers. Digital towers have been built in many parts of the region (Bougainville and Buka Islands).  Communication is important and while there are benefits to the population, there is also a growing concern that the facilities may have other hidden motives and purposes in the region.

Airports. There are now two domestic airports one on Buka Island, the other one is at Aropa in Central Bougainville. Now, Aropa airport’s building and a white fence built around the terminal resemble the Guantanamo Bay prison in the US.  What is intriguing about it too, is that, the local security guards do not allow parents and relatives to enter the building to say goodbye to their loved ones as one would do in any airport in the world. At the same time, the security guards do not permit taking pictures around the premises. There is a smelly dead rat in this set up.  In comparison, the Buka airport is open and people are free to move in and out of the terminal. Who is setting such rules and regulations of these airports?

Prisons. AusAid financed the building of a number of prisons in Bougainville, all of them had been built in strategic locations, in places where there are known mineral deposits.  These are found in the Tinputz community in the northeast coast, Wakunai in Central Bougainville, Kereaka-Kunua and Torokina on the west coast of the island, Buin in the south and one in the Solos community on Buka Island.  There may be others elsewhere on the island.

Wharves. In parts of Bougainville, wharves and jetties are being built. I believe facilities are just as strategic as the prisons and their locations. Two major ones in operation, that of the Buka wharf, the other at Kieta in Central Bougainville, another in Buin at Kangu beach – it may not be as functional or effective as the other two.  Mamagota is also another one in Siwai, south of Bougainville but it may not be used as much as the Buka and Kieta wharves.

Jetties. In addition there are the jetties, two in the northeast coast – one of them is at Soroken in the Mahari constituency recently built and the other one is being built in Baniu bay in the Coastal-Suir constituency.

Security Guards. Local security guards are being trained, many are now employed in Chinese shops especially on Buka Island and local businessmen also employ some of them.

The people are very vulnerable. The majority has not fully recovered from the recent civil war; they are still heavily traumatized and no help has come from the Momis-Nisiria government to attend to such issues; people living in strategic places are most vulnerable because they do not have what it takes to resist an invasion. In the name of economic development and or growth, the people are being blindfolded, are being smudged with these facilities. These developments  are very unsettling for anyone and everyone in the region who have had to endure a civil war that lasted almost ten years (1989-1998/2001).

What can be more strategic for an envisaged possible second civil war in the autonomous region of Bougainville than the built-up of such facilities?

The Chinese, the likes of POGE, a Filipino corrupt commercial firm of which Momis, his deputy-Patrick Nisiria, his finance minister – Albert Puguha are all shareholders. And no doubt they would set up their security forces or guards to protect their businesses on Bougainville soil. Australia is no innocent friend here. She is in the game too (the Bougainville Mining Company).



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2 responses to “In the name of economic development, facilities in preparation for an envisaged second civil war in Bougainville

  1. Marcus

    Typically paranoid.

  2. POD

    WOW ! It seems here that there is a conspiracy in every development….. I hope Bougainvilleans will not be kept in the dark ages by such paranoia. Cheers, Pod

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