Cook Islands: Leave seabed mining for the future

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Papa Williams | Cook Island News, April 07, 2016 

With the exploitation of many forms of mineral globally, and the resultant oversupply of minerals collapsing global mineral prices, why don’t we just leave the seabed mining of nodules issue alone for a 50-year mandated term for future generations of Cook Islanders to sort out?

After all, the technology and the ecosystem repercussions of this deep sea form of exploitative raping of our seabeds, are still pretty much big unknowns, and it’s apparent that those individuals who have a vested interest in pushing government into issuing the relevant sea bed mining licencing rights, do so to enrich themselves, and not necessarily in the nation’s best interests.

If a mandated 50-year moratorium on seabed mining term was legislated, it would allow our own people, together with elected government officials, to observe other island nations and the difficulties and challenges they experience; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Then, armed with informed knowledge and better and more advanced technology in this area of deep sea mining, our future peoples and government officials can decide by referendum yes or no, whether or not they will proceed.

It’s simple really.


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One response to “Cook Islands: Leave seabed mining for the future

  1. David lambu

    The countries in the south pacific are not yet ready to make informed decisions in seabed mining in the next 100 years. there is no need for this sort of mining which definitely will destroy or contaminate the marine environment to the determent of the people of the south pacific who rely on the marine life and the sea for their survival.

    People of the pacific don’t need metals, gas or oil from the sea. All we need is the freshness and beauty of the sea for our survival and our future generations. This matter should be discussed at the South Pacific ForUM including the Melanesian spear Head group. .
    Get wisdom from God to Make right decisions for the good of ourselves and our future generations. Let us not be greedy and self centred as individuals, groups or as countries

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