Locals blame Nautilus and Solwara 1 for stinking dead fish

Pictures by Naomi Watong

Pictures by Naomi Watong

Dead sea creatures causing awful smell in Namatanai

Loop PNG

Unusual deep sea creatures and fish and other marine creatures are dying in Namatanai, New Ireland Province, from a cause the local people are yet to find out.

Naomi Watong, a local woman from Konos village in the Central New Ireland district of Namatanai told Loop PNG that the sea creatures have been dying since Saturday April 9, 2016 at around 12 midday  until  now (April 13).

She said the villagers found out about the dead fishes when alerted by children who went out for a swim on that day.

“We went and got the fish and other creatures like octopus and shells but the sea was very hot. The dead sea creatures were also very hot,” she told Loop PNG via mobile phone.

She said the fish and other creatures continue to die the next day (Sunday) which has made the people very suspicious.

Watong said currently, their sea is covered with and awful smell from the dead fish and other creatures.

She said villages affected include Komalabu, Konos and Karuselatkonogogo.

Watong said she has alerted the Disaster office in Kavieng and are still awaiting their officers to check the situation.

Meanwhile she said the people are blaming the Solwara 1 project in the province for the cause of the dead sea creatures but that is yet to confirmed.

She said at that time of incident, two big vessels were out on the ocean at the Solwara 1 project site which might be the cause of the problem.

The villages were facing right towards the solwara 1 project.



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2 responses to “Locals blame Nautilus and Solwara 1 for stinking dead fish

  1. Is this story, “Dead sea creatures causing awful smell in Namatanai” related to the report below from Bougainville?

    By Tom Kathoa

    Two Pororan Islanders have been admitted to the Buka General Hospital after eating death fish from the area.

    Spokesman and one of the Chiefs of Pororan, Peter LUI told New Dawn FM station that one of the patients was taken to the hospital at the weekend, while the other was admitted today.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Lui is appealing to neighboring Petats, Matsungan, Saposa and Taiof Islanders not to eat any fish found floating on the sea.

    Government authorities like Primary Industry, Fisheries, Health and Disaster Office have yet to investigate and ascertain why marine life on Pororan Island is dying.

    See New Dawn Bougainville

  2. Jazztease OPeace

    …there is reports of a vessel now being held in Lae…appears that the ship from an unknown port of departure bound for an unknown port, sailed from somewhere north-west, and was due south, through PNG coastal waters, but for some reason was forced to berth at Lae ports…on board are containers full of what appears to be ore extracts or waste?…Morobe provincial authorities have impounded this ship and asked the Chemistry Dept at PNG University of Technology to take samples and run tests to identify this cargo…i heard this from one of the technicians involved with testing of the samples…the technician reports that he found at least one of the containers almost empty and is not sure if there were more containers on this vessel to begin with..if so where are they, and where was/is the ship bound for…could the right people investigate this also to confirm or deny if this is related or otherwise to the deadfish reports in the Bismark and Solomon Seas..contact the Dept of Applied Science or NSTL at PNG Unitech to verify this story…

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