PNG Mine inspectors to investigate fatal Ramu incident

Ramu Nickel basamuk


TWO mine inspectors from the Mineral Resources Authority are in Madang to investigate the incident in which one man died and two injured on Tuesday.

They arrived at the Ramu NiCo’s Basamuk refinery in Madang yesterday.

According to Ramu Nico, the Mineral Resources Authority deputy chief inspector of mines Lave Michael and Inspector Andrew Onguglo arrived at the site to carry out preliminary investigations.

They will advise the company on future outcomes.

The company in a statement said it was cooperating fully with the inspectors to establish the cause of the incident.

“We had immediately advised the Mineral Resources Authority at the time of the incident and are providing any resources necessary to the inspector team here,” the company management said.

“We will continue to work closely to establish the cause to this unexpected and regrettable incident.

“At around 7.46 am on Tuesday, high pressure acid leaching operator Guo Wei from China with two local employees were carrying out a preheating process with high pressure steam when the incident occurred.

“Our emergency response team with medical officers tried to resuscitate Guo but he sadly passed away.

“It deeply saddens us that Ramu NiCo lost a colleague worker.

“The two nationals were immediately airlifted by chopper to Modilon General Hospital.

“One has been discharged and now back at Basamuk refinery while the other is recovering and his situation is stable.”

Ramu NiCo’s Beijing Office is in contact with the family members, and assistance is being provided to the family of Guo.

The immediate working area at Basamuk refinery has been secured to ensure no further injury.


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One response to “PNG Mine inspectors to investigate fatal Ramu incident

  1. Anyone who went to Basamuk was never allowed to go to the area where the accident occurred. The RNMC or MCC always says its world class facilities seem to be “Maus wara” only. there are more frequent break down of machines, infrastructure and accidents are more frequent with this one company than many other companies in similar span of time.
    these two mining inspectors must not only check the documents or hear what they say, but actually inspect the whole set up including the quality of the infrastructure.
    MCC’s world class pipe burst. their world class sulphuric acid processing plant rained sulphuric acid on nearby environment. Their world class waste disposal into the Basamuk bay is accumulating mine wastes faster than the world class mine waste disposal management mechanisms can contain. And now this world class pressure release valve got out of hand.
    What world class things have they got? world class Maus wara or World class lies?

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