Consultant to study pollution from Tolukuma mine

tolukuma cursed

Team to study Angabanga River

The National, aka The Loggers Times |April 21, 2016

KAIRUKU-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo says the district development authority has engaged a consultant to study pollution caused by the Tolukuma Gold Mine on the Angabanga River.  
He said based on reports from studies done by Industrial Path Search, a private mobile medical services that provided consultant services on healthcare reform, toxic waste discharged from the tailings dam polluted the river system  affected people’s health.
Isoaimo, who initiated the Angabanga riverine community health project, claimed that based on studies done by Dr Sylvester Kotapu, dangerous chemicals were found in people’s blood.
“This can have a detrimental impact on people’s health,” Isoaimo said. He said people could develop cancer and other diseases because they were drinking water from the river, do their washing and go fishing.
“I am concerned (whether) the Government was conscious of the health and environmental implications this mining activity might have on the people living downstream from Tolukuma mine.”
He said  the operator of the project and the Government should not ignore the health implications that the mining activities were having on people but find a solution to safely dispose the waste. He said people’s lives were important.


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