Citizens of Bougainville petition Bougainville Copper Limited


Below is a petition [pdf] sent to Peter Taylor, chairperson of Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) on 9 April 2016 from citizens of Bougainville.

The people of Bougainville have advised BCL they will never be welcomed on Bougainville.

Copies of the petition were also sent to the Australian High Commission, the United Nations and Autonomous Bougainville Government President John Momis.

Bougainville petition-letter-april-2016

Bougainville petition-letter-april-2016 2

Bougainville petition-letter-april-2016 3

Bougainville petition-letter-april-2016 4

Bougainville petition-letter-april 2016 5

Bougainville petition-letter-april-2016 6



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3 responses to “Citizens of Bougainville petition Bougainville Copper Limited

  1. David lambu

    The ARB Government and the National Government of Papua New Guinea should seriously look into the concerns of the people of Bougainville after so many lives had been lost in the civil unrest. There is no urgency in re-opening the mine.

    Issues like water pollution, general environmental damage and landowners’ increased social and economical benefits should be detailed out in agreements after having amended the Mining Act, Water Resources Act and the Environment And Conservation Act. Current law on Mineral ownership by the State should also be changed to give increased benefits to the customary landowners..

    Both the ARB and the PNG governments must make considerate efforts to amicably satisfy the needs of the landowners and the landowners must reciprocate by appreciating the overall well being of PNG in the mining industry..

    Let us not argue or fight over matters that can be easily discussed and resolved in round table conferences using our God given knowledge, experiences and wisdom.

  2. Karis

    Discussion is all very well but we know that agreements are constantly broken by mining companies. Have a lawyer there- pro bono I hope- get legal agreements signed and above all ensure big bonds are guaranteed by eg Rio Tinto in case the local mine goes bust- the bonds to compensate and rehabilitate. But best of all is to keep the buggers out, get rid of your corrupt leaders as long as you are part of PNG, and choose your own leaders with great care… I wish you all the best.

  3. The truth is coming out. The lies about everybody is for the mining including landowners at Panguna looks to be a fabricated lie.
    Well done landowners. keep putting your side of the story for the world to know that what President Momis and his mining partners have been telling the world about your acceptance of the Mining act they introduced through the Bougainville Parliament and consent by you to mining the Panguna copper amounts to lies.

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