Solwara Warriors want govt to ban experimental seabed mining

solwara warriors seabed mining

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The recently formed Alliance of Solwara Warriors is demanding the government of PNG to ban experimental seabed mining in PNG.

Nautilus Minerals is scheduled to start its experimental seabed mining production in 2018.

Since 2008, from Madang to New Ireland and East New Britain provinces, people have been calling on the government to stop experimental seabed mining in PNG. Because the government has ignored these concerns Nautilus Minerals has pushed ahead testing the technologies which they plan to use.

Nautilus Minerals is rushing to 2018 without addressing issues raised in various petitions through non-government organisations, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG as well as the peoples of the West Coast of New Ireland and East New Britain Provinces.

Speaking on behalf of the Alliance of Solwara Warriors, Melchoir Ware said:

“We will not let the government continue to ignore us. The sea is our life. We exist because the sea exists. We will not continue to remain quiet and passive. We have a responsibility to those generations that come after us; to those yet unborn.”

The Alliance of Solwara Warriors is calling on all PNGeans to stand up and defend the Bismarck Sea and all other seas under threat from seabed mining.


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3 responses to “Solwara Warriors want govt to ban experimental seabed mining

  1. David lambu

    Seabed mining in PNG should not be talked about.

    Firstly, we don’t need minerals for our survival. We need the sea and the marine life to sustain our living.

    Secondly, there is certainty in pollution of the sea water and destruction of marine life and gradually killing the people and animals that rely on the sea and marine life.

    Thirdly, there is no 100% protection from leakages of toxic materials from any form of piping system. The Mining Companies who are mining on land are not able to securely contain and dispose off toxic and contaminable materials thereby polluting the environment and the waterways, like in the cases of BCL, OK Tedi and Porgera Barricks. What guarantee is there that no pollution or damage would be done to the marine environment when sea bed mining is done?

    PNG has abundance of mineral and other resources on land and there is no need at all for the government and foreigners to drag us into seabed mining. Seabed mining will not bring us any significant benefits except for destruction only.

  2. Karis

    Take note of the destruction of land, water, soil, animals and human health in eg Canada, Australia and Africa due to industrial mining of all kinds. The results are all over the Internet.

  3. Sii Gates

    Bismark Sea is the most renown breeding water for the world’s tuna population. So can PNGeans be so foolish to hand such a precious paradise over to the devils.

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