Bougainville’s Vice President raises the question of reopening the controversial Panguna mine

panguna trucks

Nisira insists the majority of people on Bougainville support Rio Tinto reopening the Panguna mine

ABC News | 3 May 2016

Bougainville’s Vice President says deciding on the future of the infamous Panguna mine is one of the major challenges facing his government and the island’s people.

Patrick Nisira recently gave a wide-ranging and frank speech at the Australian National University in Canberra about the many issues his government is struggling to deal with.

Among the challenges he outlined were post-conflict reconciliation, weapons disposal, inadequate funding from the PNG government, gender equality and the upcoming referendum on independence from PNG.

But it will be his comments on the question of whether to reopen the Panguna mine, and to allow other mining developments on the island, that will attract the most attention inside and outside Bougainville.

Listen to Liam Fox’s report and Nisira’s statement that the majority of Bougainville supports the reopening of the Panguna mine.


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