Final plea: Soil, not oil

anderson agiru

Malum Nalu | The National aka The Loggers Times | May 12th, 2016
THE late Hela Governor Anderson Agiru had stressed the importance of “soil and not oil” before he died, urging the people to turn back to the land, says his brother Vincent Agiru.
He mentioned this at the State funeral for his brother in Port Moresby yesterday which was attended by hundreds of people including Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Cabinet ministers and public servants at the Sir John Guise Stadium.
“He said soil, not oil, will be our future,” he said. “Soil, not oil, is his legacy. While lying on his sick bed in Beijing (China, last year), he recorded a message to the people of Hela.
“He asked Helas not to be beggars or drunkards, drug addicts or gabblers. He begged them to stop tribal fights and guns.
“He called for every family to grow 1000 coffee trees and raise 10 pigs every year.
“He reckoned in 10 years, a family could earn K100,000 from this enterprise.
“He asked that his people turn away from the glitter of oil and gas, and till the land.”
Vincent said he was overwhelmed by the number of people who offered their support during Agiru’s death.
“I had always known that Anderson had many friends. But to see so many of you here, at the haus krai over the past few weeks, and many condolence messages that continue to pour in, just floors me,” he said.
“He grew far bigger than the elder brother I knew. I want to say that although he knew so many people, he remained a very private person.”
Vincent said Agiru was born on July 22, 1962, and died on April 28, 2016, aged 54.
“Hela is a land of many legends and prophecies,” he said.
“Agiru is a direct descendant of the great Tari Halu – Hela’s legendary birdman, our protector, our defender, our provider.
“This man – who is part of our ancient Hela legend and tradition – has now become a legend of his own in our lifetime. He will live in our memories.”



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2 responses to “Final plea: Soil, not oil

  1. Helen

    Another Ghandi- RIP.

  2. Kanau Iobuna

    I support Mr A.Agiru, yes our fore fathers were not rocket scientists. They were farmers with a style of technology blended with nature not compatible to the current technology. That is our strength. That strength is in the word SOIL. That is the base the govt must strengthen and open markets for our people to till our soil to sell in. That is where the high impact projects are supposed to be geared towards for the benefit of the 80% of the population. What are the results? Lower unemployment rate, increased business in rural sector. Higher GDP, reduced Lawlessness, lower urban drift, lower poverty, equal sharing of wealth, improved life style and standard. Its very crystal clear. We all know it but why does the Govt keep strengthening the Oil,Gas and mining Sector? Is it for greed of a few?. All executive decisions must be for the benefit of all. Leaders must uphold these principles and PNG will move ahead.

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