New firm repairs Tolukuma mine


The National, aka The Loggers Times | May 24th, 2016

THE Asidokona Mining Resources, the new operator of the Tolukuma mine, is rehabilitating the mine, director Vincent Siow says. 
Siow said an independent mining consultant had been engaged to assist in the process. 
The mine was handed over by Petromin Holdings Limited (now Kumul Mineral Holdings Limited) last December. 
“A short five months have transpired and we have been busy trying to rehabilitate the mine,” Siow said. 
He said the mine was flooded because the previous owner had stopped dewatering it.
“Realising the gravity of the situation, and having being selected as the preferred bidder for the mine, we arranged with Petromin (previous owner) in September 2015 to allow us to commence dewatering the mine and we have been dewatering it since then,” he said.
“To date, we are yet to reach the areas where Petromin last mined.
“We expect to do so within the next couple of months. 
“We have engaged an independent mining consultant to assist with the mining programmes and will undertake some resource drilling and other works necessary to estimate the life of the mine for the mining lease.”
Siow said the company would then be able to make plans accordingly.
“Planning for production is dependent on the outcome of the resources ascertained and indicated from the resource drilling programmes,” he said.
“We expect to be in a position to ascertain the resources available to commence full scale production beginning 2017.
“In the interim, there will be test production runs to assess the equipment status and operational shortcomings which we need to address before commencing efficient production.”
Meanwhile, he said the company had over 238 employees and 150 contractors providing other services.
“A marginal increase is expected when we start full production,”  he said.
“We have also embarked on some exploration studies on a couple of our exploration leases and in the course of which created a road.”


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