Momis should reveal what Rio Tinto said in Cairns

APNGBC may 2016

Bougainville Freedom Movement

It is interesting to note that President Momis has advised he is deeply concerned at the lengthy period that has elapsed – now about 21 months – while resources giant Rio Tinto has been reviewing the future of its majority shareholding in Bougainville Copper Ltd (BCL).

President Momis recently attended and gave a speech at the Australia Papua New Guinea business forum in Cairns on 17 May 2016. In that speech he states,

“The reason is that since August 2014, Rio Tinto has been reviewing the future of its 53.6 per cent equity in BCL. I have met with representatives of Rio twice to discuss the issues involved. I have sought an explanation as to what seems to the ABG the inordinate length of time taken to conduct the review. I am yet to receive any plausible explanation – other than claims of complexity of the issues involved.”

The speaker listed shortly after President Momis on 17 May, 2016 was Mr Peter Taylor, Managing Director, Rio Tinto (PNG) and Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL).

session 8

It is also interesting to note that at this point in time nothing has been publicly revealed about what Peter Taylor (or his proxy) had to say about his topic, “Resources Opportunities”.

The Speech of President Momis [pdf file 600KB] has been published for the public to read, yet the speech by Peter Taylor, the Managing Director of Rio Tinto (PNG) and Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) is impossible to find.

President Momis heard Peter Taylor’s speech on 17 May, so what are Peter Taylor, Rio Tinto (PNG) and Bougainville Cooper Limitied (BCL) up to? Please explain.

Time to reveal all President Momis!


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