Lihir Mine yet to confirm cause of tidal surges


The National aka The Loggers Times | June 2nd, 2016

OPERATOR of the Lihir gold mine in New Ireland, Lihir Gold Limited, says it is yet to confirm the cause of a tidal surge on May 12.
Villagers at Londolovit where the mine gets its water from had blamed continuous waste rock dumping at sea floor and dynamite blasting at the mine.
Londolovit Sagomana Association Inc chairlady Roselyn Arau said Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari had been informed about “on-going man-made disasters” occurring along the coastline of Lihir island. 
She said Londolovit village had become a victim of these “man-made” disasters. On May 12, a sudden tidal surge struck at 11am causing millions of kina worth of damage to properties. 
No lives were lost.  
Arau said people fled for their lives leaving Londolovit (Lihir) town deserted.
She said it was the sixth time tidal waves had struck their village.
Arau said in a letter to Lupari dated May 23 the association demanded:

  • Payment for the May 12 damage;
  • Intervention by the national disaster and emergency office by instigating a scientific study into the cause of these waves; and 
  • LGL to claim liability. 

General manager Craig Jetson said the company was working with the Nimamar local level government and stakeholders to investigate what caused it. 
“For example, there have been reports of the tidal surge being experienced in the Namatanai area which if confirmed indicates that it may not have been a localised event 
“As there are a wide range of potential factors involved, the investigation should be thorough.” 



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3 responses to “Lihir Mine yet to confirm cause of tidal surges

  1. Bruce Alexander

    Why do you even think you can print this rubbish.

    Get in touch with the Observatory in Rabaul and they will teach you a thing or too about seismic events.

  2. kanau iobuna

    Archimedes found out a long time ago that the VOLUME OF MASS IMMERSED IN WATER IS EQUAL TO THE VOLUME OF WATER DISPLACED.This principle holds true under normal conditions here on earth. Seismic activities may be secondary players to the tidal surges. This principle must be considered during their root cause analysis.

  3. Nature Boy

    Why would they ever let the facts get in the way of a good story?!?

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