BCL and Rio Tinto cannot fool the people of Bougainville


Bougainville Freedom Movement

It seems Bougainville Copper Ltd (BCL) assume the “majority” of Bougainville people want the mining company to return to Bougainville [see report below]. 

Peter Taylor, the managing director of BCL, with support from mining giant Rio Tinto who pay his hefty salary, is trying to fool the shareholders, the media and the BCL board of directors.

But, Peter Taylor will not fool the people of Bougainville.

Here are some comments from the public:

What a sorry looking Board.
Sadly they are peddling the same lies about popular support in the mine area – even their own small cheer squad has grown dissatisfied in the extreme.
But of course all those smiling chappies on the Board, including its Chairman get a considerable financial injection from keeping the hope alive. 

= = = = = = = = = 

It is offensive for me, personally.  That these vultures are getting paid to maintain the scourge of colonial oppression over our future and our land.  These foreigners are not welcome in Bougainville.

= = = = = = = = = 

Yes, a ‘clear’ majority.
No need for a referendum, or democracy for that matter, when you have such an insightful leader (of a resource extraction company).

AGM 2016 – Committed to the vision of sustainable mining

Bougainville Copper Limited

The Chairman and Managing Director of Bougainville Copper Limited, Mr Peter Taylor, has told the 2016 Annual General Meeting that the company remains committed to the vision of sustainable mining on Bougainville.

In his address to the AGM held at the Grand Papua Hotel in Port Moresby on Wednesday, 2 June 2016, Mr Taylor outlined the activities of the past year and was positive about the growing strength of the company’s relationships in the autonomous region.

“The company has had positive engagement with many of the local interest groups from the project area, including landowners,” Mr Taylor told the audience, which included shareholders.

“While there are some landowners opposed to reopening the mine for a range of reasons there appears to be a clear majority in favour of redevelopment.

“Throughout the year,” Mr Taylor continued, “the company management maintained its own fruitful dialogue with a wide range of Bougainvillean interest groups.

“There is a wide range of interests, and we are trying to listen to them all.”

Mr Taylor also stated that BCL is still committed to the potential resumption of mining.

“The vision to return to active exploration and profitable, sustainable mining remains,” Mr Taylor said.

“The company is well positioned to recognise the opportunities inherent in recent challenges, and to maintain progress in a new year.

“I believe a majority of the Bougainville people, who will soon participate in a referendum on Independence, clearly see the importance of economic self-sufficiency that could potentially be provided by mineral resource exploration and development.”

The AGM also saw the re-election of Dame Carol Kidu to the BCL board of directors. Dame Carol joined the board in April 2013.

Also present at the AGM were the other members of the BCL board, Sir Rabbie Namaliu, Robert Burns, Adam J. Burley and the BCL Company Secretary, Mark Hitchcock.



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2 responses to “BCL and Rio Tinto cannot fool the people of Bougainville

  1. What a bunch of leaches on the board where were the land owners of pang una

  2. William Bagore

    Great<< Job well done People Community and Leaders of Bougainville; Just to Mentioned the treat here ref- PNG Government of the day now heading.. "Please take your own course and DO NOT Let PNG Government to take lead, Control or Negotiation for what you heading to", I Mean do it all on your own because (GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME GOD WILL BLESS AND GUIDE YOU THROUGH/BOUGAINVILLE) its time for you to stand and Shout for Joy with Free will and Freedom.

    I Thank Almighty the Supreme God to Guide you always..

    Thankyou People & Leaders of Bougainvillea..

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