Survey reports mining bribe claims

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Ropate Valemei | The Fiji Times | June 10, 2016

CIVIL society organisations (CSOs) report numerous instances where chiefs of deep sea mining (DSM) project-affected communities were swayed by bribes or personal favours from Government or industry to allow mining and/or other industrial activity in their villages.

This included villages where CSO surveys reported 100 per cent disapproval from respondents on mining prospects on their land.

This was revealed in the report by Blue Ocean Law and the Pacific Network on Globalisation, which was released early this week, on how deep sea mining and inadequate regulatory frameworks imperil the Pacific and its people.

The report notes this occurred with respect to fishery agreements, where the consent of fishery owners within the village had been bypassed by obtaining the endorsement of the chief instead.

“The courting of local leaders, chiefs or landowners undoubtedly poses risks for the preservation of traditions and livelihoods of indigenous communities,” the report notes.


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