Lifting of Mining Moratorium in AROB welcomed


The once BCL operated Panguna Mine, now the Moratorium has been lifted.

Peterson Tseraha | PNG Loop | 17 June 2016

The recent lifting of the Mining Moratorium on Bougainville has been greatly welcomed by resource owners on Bougainville.

The resource owners say that there is now freedom for them and the government to do any other mining prospects on the island.

A Chief from a resource area in Central Bougainville Michael Aite told Loop PNG that at last their prayers have been answered.

 “BCL thought they owned this island when the Moratorium was still on, now they can have a cold chill down their spines,”  Aite said.

“All seven tenements we claim as ours now belong to our homeland for the future of our kids and our grandchildren,” he said.

 Aite is an icon when it comes to the fight against mining giant BCL, his image can be seen on books holding two babies as sacrifice, for BCL to kill those two babies before they can mine in their Karato area, back in the 1960s.

“We have now moved a step closer towards driving the devil out and very soon it will be out from our homes and our lives for good,”  Aite said.

“This is a very historic move being taken by our government now and it is also very bold and we would like to commend ABG for this move because it clearly fights for our rights the people of Bougainville more particularly us resource owners,” he said.

“It was BCL all along that prolonged the Moratorium because it wanted to protect its seven tenements on our land but we’re happy those tenements are ours again, we feel whole again, we feel like a missing part of our lives have been given back to us,” Aite said.


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