“World Class” Ramu Nickel Sacks Union Leader and All Union Members

MCC's tax free Ramu mine headquarters in Madang

MCC’s tax free Ramu mine headquarters in Madang

Bismarck Ramu Group

Ramu Nickel (MCC) Management continue with their oppressive abuse of Papua New Guinea workers. It appears if you speak out – and call the Chinese out for what they are and what they do – you have to go.

Justine Mende, the President of the Ramu Nico Allied Workers Union was recently sacked for – well for standing up for the rights of PNG workers and trying to insure they are treated with a bit more respect than they are getting from the Chinese management.

Obviously the Chinese are quite nervous about a person like Justine for after sacking him the MCC “management” began circulating a memo WITH HIS PHOTO letting people know that Justine is restricted to enter MCC’s operational and refinery sites and is to be arrested if he is found on those sites. They said he would be trespassing.

What the Chinese are really nervous about is that Justine continue to inform the workers of their rights and how they do not have to be take the nonsense from the kongs nor continually be disrespected by them. The workers are beginning to take heed of that message and the Chinese are rightfully worried.

So worried are the Chinese they have sacked MORE THAN 50 PNG employees since the High Pressure Acid Leach Auto Clave at Basamuk on 12 April.

In addition to the sacking of 50 PNG employees the MCC “management” has terminated ALL members of the Allied Workers Union.

And why is no one looking into this. Well we know don’t we. They’ve all been bought off and Jim Kas is too busy getting drunk with his lackeys at the Star International Hotel.

Justine is taking the matter to Court as well he should. The Chinese have no concept of what that means.

Keep it going Justine. Hopefully people in Madang will show the same spirit as the University Students and start standing up for whats right and not accepting the nonsense that the Chinese continue to deal out.

Stay tuned folks.



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2 responses to ““World Class” Ramu Nickel Sacks Union Leader and All Union Members

  1. Jerry Wanahau

    Ol kaiakai ko* , ino *ucking ples blo ol !

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