Logging exposes Frieda river mine lies

sepik logging

The history of the logging industry in the Sepik region exposes the lies of advocates of the Frieda river mine who say the economic returns will improve local livelihoods.

The Sepik region has been heavily logged by foreign owned companies for more than 30 years.

Since 2000 alone, logs valued at more than K3.75 billion have been exported from the region. But the benefits for ordinary people are nowhere to be seen.

Mineral Resource Authority Managing Director, Philip Samar, claims the Frieda river mine ‘would be the first large-scale resource project in the Sepik Provinces’, conveniently forgetting the 10 or more large-scale logging projects that last year exported timber valued at K258 million.

Samar would have us believe the roads of Wewak and Vanimo will be paved with gold if we allow the Chinese to open their mine – thirty years of logging tell us that is a lie!

Frieda raising standard: MRA
The National aka The Loggers Times |June 29th, 2016

THE Mineral Resources Authority says the formal process for the Frieda River project will become operational and be of world standard.
Frieda River Limited (a PanAust Limited subsidiary) and Highlands Frieda Limited (a Highlands Pacific Limited subsidiary), are the tenement holders for the Frieda River Project in West Sepik.
They last Friday registered with the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) a special mining lease application, along with nine supporting tenement applications. 
MRA managing director Philip Samar said the project would be the first large-scale resource project in the Sepik provinces.
He said the registration of the mining lease was a significant milestone for the companies involved and for the country.
It will be known as tenement SML 9. 
“Once in development, the project will increase national gross domestic product and export earnings and provide a long-term boost to Government revenues,” he said.
“It will also generate benefit streams to landowners and host communities, as well as create employment and business development opportunities during project construction and operation.” 
The pre-production capital cost of the project is estimated at US$3.6 billion (K11 billion) . 
“Following the granting of the lease, a construction period of up to four years is envisaged. Production is expected to commence in the early 2020s.
“The average annual production estimates of metal in concentrate, from the 2.7 billion tonnes of mineralisation, is 175,000 tonnes of copper and 250,000 ounces of gold.
“The initial stage of the mine is expected to be 17 years, with multiple pathways to further expand and extend the initial operation.” 



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3 responses to “Logging exposes Frieda river mine lies

  1. Moses Wininga

    We support Philip Samar and the MRA for stepping in to oversee the work of the Developers . Make sure the Special Mining Lease and the Landowners’ Social Mapping and Development Plans are well received by the Government of the day to protect the rights of the landowners .

  2. Move the township to Telefomin if they really care about transforming the lives of the rural landholders. Vanimo will not help because the true true landholders live in Telefomin,

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