Leader describes Rio Tinto decision as a deal gone sour

Bougainville Revolutionary Army fighters look down on the Panguna mine in 1996

Bougainville Revolutionary Army fighters look down on the Panguna mine in 1996

Post Courier | 4 July, 2016

The Meekamui Council Of Chiefs leader Chris Uma has called the decision by Rio Tinto to exit Panguna mine as nothing  but a sweetheart deal gone sour with one party crying foul.
Meekamui Council Of Chiefs made up of paramount chiefs from (6) six major clans sit on the council and control all traditional land and resources on Bougainville.
Meekamui does not recognise or  trust ABG to handle any issues regarding land because of past bad decision by politicians that forced the Bougainville crisis.
The Meekamui council of chiefs believed in the 1948 General Assembly of the UN adopted and proclaimed the Universal declaration of  Human Rights.
Article 17 of the declaration states:
(1)Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
(2)no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.
We believed that in 1975 when PNG became independent it adopted this rights into constitutional law and prohibits its termination by an ordinary law by parliament.
Meekamui believe that our land was unlawfully acquired by Australian Government for CRA and the 1967 (BCA) Bougainville Copper Agreement may have been rendered defective in 1975 when PNG gained independence.
Chief Uma said if the above is proven to be true than Rio Tinto or Bougainville Copper Agreement is illegal than the company will be charged for stealing our resources and creating massive environmental damages to our land.
Mr Uma explained that ABG and the state should not be dragged in to clean up the mess of Rio Tinto but stay our of business.
“Let me assure my people that I will stop at nothing to correct the wrong and injustice suffered.”
Mr Uma has appealled to the Prime Minister to reject the Rio Tinto deal as a con deal hacked out to escape corporate responsibity to clean up their mess.
Mr Uma also announced that Meekamui Council Of Chiefs have appointed a two man task force team headed by Meekamui Special Envoy John Jaintong and Reuben Siara Lawyer who filed the court case in the United States against Rio Tinto for Ten billion.
The task force will look into refiling the case at the US courts to: Make application to liquidate  BCL and BCF and return proceeds to fund projects, and inform stock exchange to deregister the company.

Rio Tinto decision open to lawsuit

The Rio Tinto decision now open itself to a bitter lawsuit of violation of human rights,environmental damages, and importantly illegally operating Panguna mine and stealing copper gold and silver from my land.
I make this statement with good legal advice that the pre Independence law that validates Bougainville Copper Mining Agreement in 1967 may have been nullified in 1975 when PNG gained Independence.
The task force we set up will examine documents with the view to File a Supreme Court Case Against the State for interpretation of the law on rights of inheritance of customary land.
We are also challenging the legality of Section 5  Mining Act and Section 6 Oil and Gas act that gave the state and provincial Government powers to hold equity in resources projects.
These acts makes a mockery of the constitution of this country  which recognised inheritance of land a Supreme Constitutional Law.
We in Bougainville reject Governments involvement in business in whatever form or shape Mr Uma said.
The task force we established will look at assets of Bougainville copper and especially assets of Bougainville Copper Foundation which my people owned by the charter which BCL regards as its subsidiary.
I expect BCL management to hand over assets of BCF to the task force without a fight.



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3 responses to “Leader describes Rio Tinto decision as a deal gone sour

  1. Rio Tinto and Bougainville Copper Ltd (BCL) have lied to the people of Bougainville as well as their shareholders.
    The BCL website has been promoting that: “The vision of Bougainville Copper Limited is to return to active exploration and sustainable, profitable mining in the Autonomous Bougainville Province.

    In 2015 BCL has continued to strengthen its regional relationships with the Autonomous Bougainville Government, the mine affected landowners, community leaders and the people of Bougainville.”

    The Chairman and Managing Director of Bougainville Copper Limited, Mr Peter Taylor, told the 2016 Annual General Meeting that the company remains committed to the vision of sustainable mining on Bougainville.
    In his address to the AGM held at the Grand Papua Hotel in Port Moresby on Wednesday, 2 June 2016, Mr Taylor outlined the activities of the past year and was positive about the growing strength of the company’s relationships in the autonomous region.

    And another lie to the BCL shareholders …. “Mr Taylor also stated that BCL is still committed to the potential resumption of mining.
    “The vision to return to active exploration and profitable, sustainable mining remains,” Mr Taylor said. (http://www.bougainville24.com/category/bcl/)

    Well, they (BCL) obviously sucked in their shareholders and apparently the Papua New Guinea (PNG) government but they certainly did not suck in the people of Bougainville with their lies and deception.

    It became apparent on 30June 2016, that Rio Tinto transferred its 53.8 per cent shareholding in Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) to an independent trustee. Rio Tinto states that:
    “The Trust Deed determines that should either beneficiary of the trust not apply for the transfer of the BCL shares attributable to them from the trustee within two months, then those shares will be made available to the other party.”

    Rio Tinto have obviously been working with the Papua New Guinea government for sometime now and have not revealed the dirty deeds done dirt cheap behind the backs of the Bougainville people or the BCL shareholders.

    We do hope that BCL chairman Peter Taylor who resigned with immediate effect on 30 June 2016 but will continue to be available to provide services to the board during this transition period is the first point of call in the lawsuit.

    Lawyers are not supposed to lie.

    Peter R Taylor BA BSc LlB LlM FAICD admitted to practise in law has lied to the people of Bougainville and his BCL shareholders.

  2. BCL has lain in a corporate coma over the past five years, sucking in the ABG and giving its BCL Managing Director Peter Taylor a payment of 6.3 million Kina by the company for his professional efforts and to be a liar.
    That is $2,644,519.43 in the Australian Dollars.
    A lawyer who gets over $2 million Australian dollars to tell his lies and kill approximately 20,000 people on Bougainville to keep his pay packet for the sake of the mining company Rio Tinto/ Bougainville Copper Ltd (BCL) that employed him.

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