Momis’ plans for Panguna’s reopening: Prepare for the Chinese?

A group of Chinese business leaders on a trip to Bougainville

A group of Chinese business people on a trip to Bougainville

While President Momis is busy denouncing Rio Tinto for leaving Panguna, he remains committed to reopening the mine, despite loud protests from communities.

In this news report from 2010, Momis gives landowners an insight into who his government might be bringing in to replace Rio Tinto. We bet the ‘presents’ were great!

Momis returns from China
Post Courier | November 15, 2010

THE Autonomous Bougainville Government has signed seven memorandum of understandings with China and in a month, the powerful nation should be expected to land on Bougainville to start negotiating business. 
President John Momis and his 34-member delegation returned from China over the weekend with a lot of “presents”.
In a press conference on Saturday Mr Momis said seven MoUs were signed between the Government of ABG and the Republic of China on issues – in order of priority: Commercial farming (agri business); Mining; Tourism; Hydro power; Housing; Shipping; and Airlines.
“We are very pleased to have made the trip to China. It was an educational tour, we came back enriched and highly motivated,” Mr Momis said.
The expenses, ABG Administration paid for me and my two other staff and the deputy administrator. The four businessmen paid their own airfares, the rest were paid by the Chinese people and its’ government. All other expenses were also met by them. The expenses incurred were worthwhile.”
“The government now has a big task ahead, we have to create awareness on our business houses, the people and the region.
“The Chinese, have a big interest in the Panguna mine, one of them said they can buyout Rio Tinto … that show’s how powerful they are and that they have the money,” Mr Momis said. ”
We must be ready for the Chinese when they come.”


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