Incompetent government all at sea over coal

The PNG government doesn’t have a clue what it is doing about coal.

It has invested K10 million in developing the coal industry;

While at the same time it has promised the world PNG will transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030;

But still Minister Ben Micah says the coal industry has immense potential in PNG;

While the people of the Carteret Islands are the world’s first climate refugees;

And everyone is waiting for the Climate Change Authority to make its views known [see story below]

What a mess!

queensland coal mine

Advice on coal pending

Rosalyn Albaniel | Post Courier | July 12,2016

THE Climate Change Authority has yet to make known its official advice to the Government on the use of coal as a source of energy in view of plans to step up technical appraisals on the possible volume of commercial value. This is in light of growing global concerns on the continued use of coal by big industrialised countries which has been identified as a major contributor to global warming. This is despite the negative impacts this unconventional hydrocarbon may have on the environment. Questions put to the Authority on its advice on the possible impacts of this global phenomenon if developed by PNG have not received any response. Mineral Resources Authority has confirmed discovery of deposits in parts of the country but said there is need for further detailed geological investigations to quantify the resources as it remained largely unexplored. On top of that Petroleum and Energy Minister Ben Micah last week announced the opening of the exploration regime for shale gas pending finalisation of policy and legislation governing its development as an added and new energy source besides liquefied natural gas and oil. MRA’s geological survey division executive manager Nathan Mosusu said while a number of mining companies had done some coal exploration in the last five years and confirmed coal occurrences, no actual mining has taken place. Mr Mosusu said interest remains low adding one of the factors could be the low world prices while also the controversy that surround its impact on the environment. However, he explained that coal comes in at least three different types and quality. “There is clean coal containing very little sulphur, the burning of which has very minimal impact on the environment and this is the coal we want to find in PNG,” he said. Shale gas is controversial worldwide but is a compatible alternative and source of low cost energy.



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4 responses to “Incompetent government all at sea over coal

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  2. Moses Wininga

    We landowners of Sandaun Province within Sepik Basin support the work the MRA is doing to select the best possible coal of good quality.

    We are still away from tangible developments so we hope such projects will releave the back province of Papua New Guinea where Government Tangible Development is hardly felt and seen much here.

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  4. My friend, I don’t disagree with your sentiments. Development yes, but not Coal. You talk about tangible developments; Look at the OK Tedi people and the impacted tribes downstream on the Mighty Fly and Strickland Rivers? What have the people got as benefits? A polluted and silt-ridden and infested river system, hardly any tangible services to show evidence of the rich OK Tedi Copper Mine? Why do you think our families in North Solomons fought, Land Righ5ts and tangible benefits to the local people and North Solomons at large. And we have not learned any lessons at all!!! Visit history and learn from that so you do not make the same mistakes of the past.

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