Farmers call on ABG to forget about mining

Bags of cocoa ready for export at Kieta Port.

Bags of cocoa ready for export at Kieta Port.

Peterson Tsereha | Loop PNG | July 18, 2016

Farmers are calling on the Autonomous Bougainville Government to forget about mining and concentrate on agriculture.

Cocoa and copra farmers throughout the Region have put out a joint request to the ABG because cocoa and copra is for grassroots.

A cocoa farmer from North Bougainville in the Suir Constituency, Pais Silaves, told Loop PNG that more focus has to go into agriculture because everyone is qualified for agriculture.

“Mining is for a small portion of people only. What about the rest of the village people?” Silaves said.

“Cocoa and copra, even coffee, is the way to go. Everyone sees money from agriculture and also a good fish market for our coastal and island communities.

“More and more funds are being spent on negotiations for Panguna and other mining prospects; good money that the Government can spend on agriculture alone,” Silaves said.

Right now, majority of Bougainvilleans are enjoying the impact of the cash crop market. More and more people are acquiring blocks of land just to plant cocoa, the local explained.

“What the ABG should be doing right now is to improve feeder roads for us to access the market more easily and to help some of us acquire export license; to export our cocoa overseas.”



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6 responses to “Farmers call on ABG to forget about mining

  1. Sylvester Anu

    Hey remember what the President said. Forget about your silly tomatoes. Better the Devil you Know. Lets get Rio Tinto on the phone. They will bring development to us backward folk. Look at us now! Wasn’t he right.

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  3. MackenzieJ

    By far the most intelligent approach to the mining question I have read. The whole of the AROB could get to be self-sustaining and comfortably off with a concentrated effort on farming and coastal fishing. Then when the economy is going along nicely the question of resuming mining can be looked at again to see how it can best be done for the long term benefit of all Bougainvilleans.

  4. Thank you Paisy for systematically pointing out the importance and significant factual information about agriculture as the basis for Bougainville internal revenue. Farmers do not need degrees and doctoral qualifications to provide quality cocoa and copra. Field training will equip them with skills to provide quality cocoa and premium. I salute all the farmers for coming together and making their point known

  5. Ursula I would agree it will not distroy the enviralment , as mining has done , and we all have to eat , sweet patotoes grow all seasons the could be grown all year round and could be sent down south as education is fine. But you can’t eat , it ,l

  6. Helen

    Mining is likely to poison water and soil for food growing with cash benefits only for a few.

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