Fiji: Talks on mineral shares


Luke Rawalai || The Fiji Times | August 09, 2016

OFFICIALS of the Ministry of Lands will soon begin consultations on a formula that will determine Government and landowners fair share of mineral royalties.

Ministry’s deputy permanent secretary Malakai Nalawa said they were still in the process of working out a formula.

Mr Nalawa said they were still working on the percentage of the shares that would be given to Government and landowners.

“We need to work out the percentage and justify why the need for such percentage,” he said.

“Once this is done we have to take it down to landowners in the form of consultations to hear their views on the percentages and its justifications,” he said.

“When we talk about landowners it will also involve state, native and freehold landowners.”

As part, of the consultative processes, Mr Nalawa said, they would also refer to other countries overseas that had adopted the same system of distribution.

“The formula the ministry is working on is not for the determination of future generations fund but rather the fair sharing of mineral royalties between Government and landowners,” he said.

“At the moment Government is the main recipient of mineral royalties by virtue of the Mining Act.

“But that has been changed by the 2013 Constitution, whereby it stipulates its fair sharing.”

Minister for Lands Mereseini Vuniwaqa had earlier confirmed the Mining Act (Cap 146) had always given Government the right to own minerals.

The difference, however, in the 2013 Constitution landowners will now have a share from the money Government will get for the minerals.

She said one of the priorities of her ministry was to determine the formula which would be used to decide a fair share.



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2 responses to “Fiji: Talks on mineral shares

  1. Moses Wininga

    This is very good idea if papua new guinea government can also relieve landowners,etc to have equal share in work.

  2. Let not Government use this as an opportunity to justify a Constitution that does not belong to and not of the people as to cite is as such would be to say that this Government and its Constitution is fair ad pro-indigenous people who are the owners of all natural and mineral resources, NO! The indigenous population owned these resources before that was any government; colonial, democratic or whatever. The indigenous people owns by right of being recognized as the World’s First People all these mineral resources. Whilst the 6 feet depth law is stupid, it still works from the indigenous owner as the minerals underneath the 6 feet depth mark must be mined through the first 6 feet of earth so landowners have a condition to all the minerals under the 6 feet of their land

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