BHP can be sued for damage: PM


The National aka the Loggers Times | August 11, 2016
BHP Billiton can still be sued by landowners for environmental damage it has caused in Western through the Ok Tedi mine, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.
He said that yesterday when answering a question from NCD Governor Powes Parkop on whether BHP could be sued.
Parkop said the “real culprit” behind all the environmental problems in Western was BHP.
“We must deal with BHP,” he said.
Parkop said in 1990, Western landowners, at their own cost, engaged scientists and lawyers and got a court decision for BHP to dredge the Ok Tedi and Fly rivers right down to the Great Barrier Reef.
He said BHP would have spent so much money on this – more than the long-term fund of the PNG Sustainable Development Programme – “but sadly, and to our shame, the government at that time passed the supplementary bill or act to give BHP immunity from prosecution and not to comply with that court order”.
“They then set up this PNGSD,” Parkop said.
“PNG Sustainable Development is intended to compensate our people, especially the people of Western province, but more particularly the exit plan of BHP.
“BHP is supposed to exit, but instead, they cleverly manipulated the trust deed to set up PNGSD and got the majority on the board.”


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