Nautilus closes Port Moresby office

nautilus headerInsider

Nautilus Minerals has sacked twenty-six people from their organisation. All of the Port Moresby office employees have been made redundant, AGAIN, and the POM office is closing its doors, AGAIN.

This will be the third time this has happened (redundancies), yet the Executive Committee look like they are sitting pretty YET AGAIN. In all probability MB Holdings will probably buy out the company and see it forward from here.

The employees, the shareholders and the people of PNG have been taken for a ride AGAIN.

Someone should look into the way Nautilus Minerals has been operated over the past 10 years and look closely at how money has been spent on things such as travel, furnishings for offices, nepotism and cronyism, where did the $10M dollars actually go, and how was it possible that Shontel Norgate made a transfer without checking the banking details, and, why was she allowed to keep her job after losing such a huge amount of money???????

The excessive travelling of staff, to and from Moresby office and Brisbane office and the appointment of unqualified people to positions such as CSR Specialist. It is time to stop trusting the individuals from Nautilus (or any other company for that matter) who operate under the concept of White Privilege and realise that if Nautilus Minerals (or whatever form it takes from this point on) or any other company that wishes to exploit the riches and people of PNG, had better start acting in a manner that actually reflects the so called values of the company.

“Nautilus Cares”,  pffff, Yeah Right….

It truly has been a race to the bottom, just not the one we expected to see!


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