Fiji Confirms First Bauxite Shipment of the Year


Aluminium Insider | 9 September 2016

The Fijian government confirmed its first shipment of bauxite in 2016 on Wednesday.

Fiji’s Acting director of the Mineral Resources Department Apete Soro told local media that the first shipment of the year left the Fijian port of Bua last month, bound for refineries in the People’s Republic of China.

“I can confirm that the shipment of bauxite left our shores on August 14, with a total gross tonnage of 69,000,” he said. “According to Aurum [Exploration (Fiji) Ltd], the estimated cost at present market value should be around $1.4m. The next shipment is expected later this year or early next year.”

Soro went on to say that the bauxite in question had been stored at the Nawailevu stockpile area on Gaola Bay, Vanua Levu for the past year due to the general unfavorability of the market. A representative of Aurum indicated previously that Fiji’s bauxite quality was an issue as well, as the ore found in the area was not of a high quality. However, a bauxite ore washing plant at Aurum’s Naibulu, Dreketi mine helped secure a buyer, as the washing plant aided in separating out impurities in the ore, improving the quality of the mined bauxite.

The buyers, who are not named in any media reporting on the sale, were found in late July. Estimates for what the sale price might be were US$1.92 million. Another 30,000 metric tons of low-grade bauxite remains in country at the mining site in Dreketi, Macuata, northeast of Nawailevu, awaiting a buyer.

The Republic of Fiji is home to the Vanua Levu mine, which is one of the largest bauxite mines in Oceana, with reserves estimated at one billion metric tons. Known for its picturesque beauty, the country has been a difficult location to conduct mining operations due to a military coup in 2006, a constitutional crisis in 2009, and an ongoing military dictatorship.


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One response to “Fiji Confirms First Bauxite Shipment of the Year

  1. Pere Caginivula

    The most critical info about bauxite is out of the bag. Its stated that officially”1billion metric tonnes of bauxite are deposited in Vanualevu”. This info is welcomed but what’s needed is precise infos. Is it deposits from Bua-Macuata or its only the Bua deposit(Wainunu & Nawailevu), that’s been investigated. Please release transperant infos.
    Further we want to know how many volumes of pure bauxite(post wash) can be produced if we set up industrial high pressure wash site locally.
    This will than need be pressure cooked to produce alumina-the raw material for aluminium.
    If the numbers can stack up than we can workout the life term of these sites its all well and good to set up an Aluminium Refinery locally.
    People will say we will need 100+MWe of power in Vanualevu.
    Info that should be with MRD, there is appx 200MWe power can be generated from the Savusavu geothermal.
    The solution is that we will create technology transfer, exports and job creation, power generation and ripple effects in Vanualevu-a boost to the long winding Balaga Bay international port project.
    Can the new Director MRD, THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Vanualevu wants to export the finish product rather exporting raw material and import the finished product from Fiji based raw materials.
    I’m willing to be in your team to make it happen. We haven’t touch deposits in Vitlevu from Nadro-Ba.

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