Sir Ipatas commended for call to probe Porgera mine


Jeffrey Elapa | Post Courier | October 10, 2016

THE executives of the Porgera Mt Kare Young Generation Association have commended Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas for calling for an investigation into the operation of the Porgera Development Authority.

PMKYGA Inc chairman Jonah Puli Kipu and public officer Philip Mungalo have supported the call by Sir Peter to investigate the PDA which has operated for the past 25 years but has failed in delivering services to the people. They say the call by Sir Ipatas and Chief Aliape was in the best interest of the little people.

They said it was amusing that the chairman and board apologised to Sir Peter when he made the call, they should be ashamed and apologise to the people for denying them their rights to basic services to improve their lives.

Mr Kipu and Mr Mungalo said the landowners have been suppressed, marginalised and misrepresented by both PDA and PLA. And that there was evidence of gross mismanagement of special support grants, royalties and equities since 1990 as funds had not been acquitted for accountability and transparency purposes.

“It is inappropriate for PDA to solicit or threaten the National Government for funding. PDA and PLA must publish in the media and inform the National Government and the people of Porgera the status of all projects they have implemented and promoted at the community level over the years,” Mr Kipu said.

“As per the Porgera MOA of May 12, 1989, PDA was tasked to implement the Porgera to Tari road project. The people have patiently waited over 25 years for the construction of a road linking Porgera and Tari. Consecutive funding by the National Government on this project is like filling an endless pit.

“The threats of riot, damage of properties and closure of operations are unwarranted.


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