Landholders call on Government to fast-track Land Titles for Mining town and Benefits


Scott Waide | EMTV | 26 October 2016

Leaders from five villages  in the Bulolo District who will be affected by the Wafi-Golpu project  have called  on the  National Government to  fast track the hearing of the Land Titles Commission  to determine the  ownership of the land on which the future mine sits.

They have also called  on the National Government to outline plans for the development of  a township in the Mumeng-Bulolo area.

Leaders from the five villages,  gathered at Gurako  along the  Lae-Bulolo Highway calling on the National Government to fast track  a Land Titles Commission hearing.

The concerns are longstanding  and have come  to the fore again as work towards opening one of the largest mines in PNG  progresses.

They’ve also raised questions about the  future benefits of the mine, seeking clarification  from the MRA as to where a township if any will be built in the Bulolo District.

The leaders of the villages  previously called for a response from the National government but got none.  They are among several groups claiming ownership of the area where the mine will be developed.


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2 responses to “Landholders call on Government to fast-track Land Titles for Mining town and Benefits


    Why would you develop another township near Mumeng when the project itself is in Huon-Gulf District and will have a new road and bridges connecting to the Highlands Highway near Nadzab? The only part of the argument that does make sense is for the landownership issues to be resolved BEFORE the project starts construction. Liklik tingting bilong mi tasol

  2. Moses Wininga

    A very positive message by the landowners to the government.


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