A Nation Mined – A Nation Destroyed!


The maps above and below show the extent of current mining in Papua New Guinea and what the future could hold if we continue to ignore the evidence of our own history and continue to allow our leaders to ignore our own Constitution.

Back in 1974, the Constitutional Planning Committee warned of the catastrophic consequences of allowing large-scale resource extraction (mining, oil and gas and logging) and foreign control of our natural resources. They labelled such industries as part of a :

grossly unjust international economic system which allows wealthy corporations and countries to exploit the people and resources of developing countries”.

The CPC said if PNG followed an economic path that depended on mining and logging then we would see:

  • Huge differences in wealth between a small minority ‘elite’ and the majority of the population
  • The destruction of our communities, values and PNG ways
  • Violence and lawlessness as people are ‘locked out’ of development
  • Environmental destruction and social upheaval

How right they were!

The CPC also warned that

True development is not to be measured by the Gross National Product.  The degree to which people throughout the country have the opportunity to achieve personal fulfilment is a much more meaningful measure of a country’s development.  The total development of all our people, largely through their own efforts, should be our aim.

This is why our Constitution was framed to promote equality and sharing: the sharing of wealth and equality of services across the country. It also promotes decentralisation of planning and government spending, an emphasis on agricultural development, village industry, better internal trade and more spending channelled to local and area bodies, a reliance on Papua New Guinean ways and a society based on community and social harmony.

Unfortunately successive government’s have chosen to ignore the Constitution, ignore our laws, ignore the CPC and have set about systematically destroying our families and communities and PNG as a nation.

Shame on them!

But it is not too late!

Lets elect leaders who will reject the planned Frieda River Mine. Who will reject Wafi-Golpu and Yanderra. Who will pull as back from the threat of experimental seabed mining!



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One response to “A Nation Mined – A Nation Destroyed!

  1. npeterson2014

    Hey mate,
    No doubt I’m on side with you regarding the mining debacles of PNG.
    However I notice that your map is dated from 2008?!? Surely you know the MRI portal and their online map?

    I’m run the GIS/mapping operations for our Pacific Program here at TNC so I have a sharp eye for maps!


    Nate Peterson
    GIS and Conservation
    Information Manager
    Pacific Division
    (+61) 7-3214 6919
    SKYPE: natepeterson01

    The Nature Conservancy
    Asia Pacific Resource Center
    48 Montague St
    South Brisbane
    Queensland, Australia, 4101


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