K400m coal fired power station for Lae?

coal fired power

Coal mined in Gulf Province to be burned in Lae?

Helen Tarawa | The National aka The Loggers Times | 23 November 2016

A K400 MILLION power generation project is expected to start in Lae next year – using coal from Gulf.
The project, undertaken by Mayur Resources of Australia, will start following the signing of a power-purchase agreement with PNG Power Limited.
Managing director of Mayur Resources Paul Mulder said it would supply an affordable and reliable source of energy to the people of Morobe and other parts of the country.
“PNG Power in October last year requested that we provide a power-purchase agreement which we have done,” Mulder said.
“We are in discussion with PNG Power.
“They are considering and working with us and they are examining the project.”
Mulder said they would start construction after receiving PNG Power’s approval.
“It’s now up to them to accept the merits, the costs and the reliability of our project,” he said.
“What we have offered to them is upon being provided a power purchase agreement, within six months, we will be ready to start construction.
“Once construction begins it will take 24 months to build the power station and for it to become operational.
“We are waiting for the final power purchase approval so we can go to Gulf with confidence and formalise all the other approvals.”



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7 responses to “K400m coal fired power station for Lae?

  1. Ken

    Why? If PNG is so rich in natural gas would you build a polluting coal plant?

  2. Moses Wininga

    This Project is timely as the economy is very tough for low income earners who are majority and the modernisation theories for this country to move up to compete with the countries of the world to alleviate poverty will atleast fulfill.

    Go ahead Papua New Guinea Government and support this timely project for this country.Such places as Gulf were neglected for years and hope this project will alleviate poverty to a greater extend.

    My AREA in Nuku Lumi in Sandaun Province are awaiting for the government to give permit licence to another Mining Company and will come soon to Explore our land for this project and we hope we will be the next Project Site of Coal Mining for Papua New Guinea.

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  4. GeeMail@gmail.com

    About time for some additional power for the region. On the pollution though I understand the HFO plants in current use as well as those under construction put out more pollutants than what Mayur is proposing. Can someone please confirm this?

  5. Michael Bongro


    How on earth can PNG entertain this especially when the PM and the Country is at the fore front trying its best to mitigate and address global climate change issues? It doesn’t make sense to me. Can some enlighten?

  6. Mavaric N

    My friend, “clean”coal or not, it is coal. Coal is a dangerous pollutant and it is quite ironic that PNG is even entertaining the idea. Coal in Australia is the most pollutant industry and an Australian company is going to continue that tradition in another country, using the resources from some other landowners in another province (Gulf) and building a coal-powered plant in Lae and putting Lae and Morobe Province on the highly polluted PNG city, forever???

    Economic expediency at the expense of ordinary citizens.

    Look at India and China and Bangladesh? These countries are highly polluted and coal is to blame.

  7. Tom Batt

    Why on earth PNG goes to install a coal fire plant where there is ample clean renewable hydro resources to develop!!!

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