O’Neill government breaks promise to amend Mining Act

The O’Neill government has submitted to the demands of the foreign owned mining industry and is breaking its promise to amend the Mining Act and ensure a fairer deal for landholders and Provincial governments. Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made the announcement at the PNG Mining Party in Sydney:

“I want to state categorically that there will be no changes to the Mining Act prior to the 2017 National Election,” PM O’Neill said.

Foreign owned mining companies have been lobbying the government hard not too make any changes to the law – and they have succeeded!

See also:  Foreign mining companies ‘very concerned’ about changes to Mining Act



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2 responses to “O’Neill government breaks promise to amend Mining Act

  1. Moses Wininga

    The Prime Minister need to protect the rights and peace of his country then exploiting with greed and pride.

    We still have future generation who rely much on resources and best policies will relieve us and into the future.

  2. In reality, your current Prime Minister is telling the people of Papua New Guinea that the mining laws must change so the people benefit.
    Unfortunately, your current Prime Minister has been manipulated and controlled in a clever, skillful manner by the rich and the powerful mining lobby. This means the people do not count, or the environment, or their culture or their politics. The mining companies are doing this all over the world which means big business counts so the rich get richer and the poor become part of their revolting picture.
    Ultimately, the main drive of these capitalist, greedy mining thugs is to divide and conquer so there companies and shareholders get rich without any respect for people or the environment. Their revolting racist attitudes are part of their divide and conquer game.

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