Mayur Resources: Polye was briefed

coal fired power

Post Courier | December 14, 2016

Mayur coal power generation Company of Australia says Opposition leader Don Polye has been personally briefed on the Enviro Energy Park (EEP) proposal and he (Polye) was supportive of it. Mayur managing director Paul Mulder made this remarks brushing aside Polye’s criticism of the EEP clean coal fired power for PNG.

Mr Mulder in a statement said:

“The Opposition leader has been personally briefed on the EEP and was supportive of it following the detailed explanation and information provided on how the EEP will achieve a far superior environmental outcome and the nation changing impact of cheaper, more reliable power that will dramatically improve living standards and reduce energy poverty for the people. It is very disappointing that it has now been politicised.”

In response to the Opposition leader, Mayur Resources said that it is important the real facts are put on the table and not obscured by uninformed rhetoric on factors affecting climate change, coal use in Asia, coal mining, reduced emissions, environmental approval and delinking power costs through vertical integration.

Mayur Resources stated that the company fully recognises PNGs obligations as a signatory to the Paris Agreement/COP21 on Climate Change. The company said however, COP21 is not anti-coal, anti-diesel or anti-gas or anti- any other fossil fuels – rather it is about reducing emissions.

“The fact is PNG can use its own coal that is far cleaner than that used by other countries such as Australia and the majority of Asia for their power generation needs.” “In addition, PNGs first EEP will use ‘state of the art’ emissions capture technology that combines renewable fuels such as biomass and solar to provide a large net reduction in emissions,” the company said.


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