Hidden Valley LO association urge Govt to sign revised Mining Act

Peter O'Neill announced his government's climb down in Sydney

Peter O’Neill announced his government’s climb down over the Mining Act in Sydney

Post Courier | December 15, 2016

THE government has been called upon to review their decisions and sign the revised mining act for implementation.

Hidden Valley’s Nakuwi Landowners Association president Rex Mauri said this yesterday following the announcement by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during the mining conference in Sydney, Australia, recently to defer the revised mining act.

“We the landowners from Hidden Valley are appealing for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Mining Minister Byron Chan to review the decision,” he said.

He said Mr O’Neill had announced during the mining conference that the revised mining act will be deferred until after the 2017 General Election.

“This is a slap in the face for landowners, contributing individuals and entities efforts’ in compiling the act.

“This revised mining act is vital because once it is signed, then the benefits rollout will surely reach the affected host project communities and all stakeholders in the country.

“However, it is very frustrating and the deferral indicates that the PM is serving the interest of the developer and not the landowners of PNG.

“I have been actively involved in the operation of Hidden Valley mine for almost 34 years, yet I don’t experience any tangible developments occurring in affected communities of Morobe Mining Joint Venture, and the living standards of the people are still low,” Mr Mauri said.

He claimed that the gross payment of the mine is divided as two per cent belonging to the landowners which is shared among the national government, provincial government, local level government and landowners, while the developer is enjoying 98 per cent. Mr Mauri said that these are some issues that are highlighted and amended in the new revised mining act so the political leaders in mining provinces must support the call and raise their voice about the decision and ensure the mining act is signed and ready for implementation.

“We cannot drag this on as operations are continuing every day and changes are happening to our environment. Let us all voice our concern to ensure we benefit fully.”



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3 responses to “Hidden Valley LO association urge Govt to sign revised Mining Act

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  3. Totally agree that” it is very frustrating and the deferral indicates that the PM is serving the interest of the developer and not the landowners of PNG”.
    Like father, like son….
    All talk no action.
    One minute they support the mining companies, then the next minute they support changing the Mining Act so the citizens of PNG and the landowners
    take control of the wealth from mining.
    Sir Julius Chan (the father) has been a “puppet” for the mining companies, for years, so why the change of heart now? Don’t forget, when he was the Prime Minister, he hired the mercenaries Sandline International to kill, maim and murder the people of Bougainvile in order to re-open the Panguna mine owned by Rio Tinto. Thankfully, he did not succeed and was thrown out of office by the people of Papua New Guinea (March 1997).
    The current Mining Minister is his son, Byron Chan. Just like his father, one minute he supports the mining companies and the next he wants the PNG landowners to own their mineral wealth.
    Whilst both the father now and the son back in 2011 say they want the landowners to take control of the wealth from mining companies by changing the Mining Act, how come Byron Chan now opposes the idea of changing the Mining Act?

    Miners in shock as PNG plans to put landowners in charge of resources,
    The Australian newspaper, 19 August 2011.
    ======= =======

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