Huge gaps in Papua New Guinea’s 2014 EITI Report


There are huge gaps in Papua New Guinea’s draft 2014 Extractive Industry Transparency Report that has been very quietly released over the New Year holiday – PNG EITI Report 2014 [pdf file 4 MB]

Despite the fact this is PNG’s 2nd EITI report the document contains very limited information from government departments including almost no information from the Department of Petroleum and Energy or the Mineral Resource Development Company. The tax information also has huge gaps.

This, again, throws into question the PNG government’s commitment to the EITI standard and the World Bank conceived, sponsored and run process to get PNG to join.

According to the international consultants, Ernst and Young, who prepared the 2014 report, they “experienced varied levels of cooperation from reporting entities” and the report contains “significant gaps”. 

In particular, Ernst and Young say, while “nearly all companies have complied fully or partially”, State Owned Entities only answered questions about non-financial information and

“Some government departments were challenging to engage with. Some did not respond to any communications; some met with us and shared some non-financial information”

The incomplete draft report has been published to ‘comply’ with international EITI requirements, though it rather undermines the credibility of the EITI standards if such a limited report as PNG has produced can be deemed ‘compliant’.

PNG applied for EITI candidacy in 2013. In March 2014, the country was accepted as a candidate country, and in early 2016 it published its first EITI report, on the calendar year 2013.

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