Ok Tedi Trust funds frozen by court case: OTML


Gynnie Kero | The National | January 17, 2017

TRUST funds for Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) villages in the South Fly district of Western are still frozen by a court case, according to Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML).
But despite that, OTML continued to contribute money into the trust every year, deputy chief executive officer and general manager employee and external relations Musje Werror said.
As at December last year, the company paid more than K9.8 billion in benefits to the people of Western since 1982.
He revealed that 50 per cent of these funds were currently tied up in court.
Addressing people at a village in South Fly last Friday, Werror said the village was among others in the district whose projects would be delayed.
The Sepe/Auti village in South Fly was the final village in the CMCA corridor to sign the CMCA Extension Agreement (CMCAEA) last Friday.
“Your benefits start today (last Friday) after signing of the agreement.
“But your name (Sepe/ Auti) is among all South Fly villages, project delivery will be delayed. Until the (court) case is over, we cannot draw down from the trust,” he said.
Werror also told the locals that the compensation package for the 158 CMCA communities in Western was reviewed over the years.
“In 2001, the compensation package at that time was K175 million.
“That was revised in the 2006 memorandum of agreement (MOA) to close to K1.2 billion and now the CMCA extension agreement nearly K600 million.”
Werror urged Sepe/ Auti locals to cooperate with the miner and the Ok Tedi Development Foundation and the provincial government if they wanted to see real change in the village.
“To achieve sustainable development is not easy but it can and will happen if we all work together. I encourage the people of Sepe/Auti through your leaders to work closely with OTML, OTDF and the Fly River Provincial Government (FRPG),” he said.
“There will be disagreements along the way but we must never lose focus of our dream and our desire to develop our village, our region and our province.”
Ok Tedi Mining Ltd also presented two outboard motors and sporting equipment worth K70,000 to the village last Friday.
It is understood that two 23-foot dinghies would be delivered to Sepe/Auti later.



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5 responses to “Ok Tedi Trust funds frozen by court case: OTML

  1. Hey, wasn’t the current Mining Minister and his daddy promising to give back the rights to the land owners over their mineral resources, not so long back?
    So what do you make of the young Mining Minister Bryon Chan making this statement from an article today in The National newspaper? Guess daddy Julius is very proud of his young son. Agree?

    FIVE revised agreements plus a new one regarding mining projects around the country will be submitted to Cabinet by Mining Minister Byron Chan.
    The revised memorandum of agreement are for Hidden Valley, Tolukuma, Ok Tedi, Simberi and Sinivit. The new one is for Woodlark. The agreements are the result of negotiations over two years.
    Chan received the agreements from Mineral Resources Authority managing director Philip Samar yesterday.
    “This is a tremendous effort by all involved and I am advised that what you (MRA) have delivered is unprecedented,” he said.
    “No previous government had the opportunity to deliver even two MOAs in any given year. For the MRA to deliver six over a period of two years is commendable.”
    Samar said the output was testimony to the efficiency and commitment of the Government to deliver on its commitment to review the agreements.
    Samar said there was a need to improve the way the agreements were administered.
    “The negotiations, as difficult and challenging as they might be, is actually the easy part,” he said.
    “The real challenge is, and had always been, for various parties to these memorandum of agreements to fulfil and deliver on their various commitments.”

  2. Archie Jay

    You had been posting other mine news over the Mine Watch, and am quirious to we have any thing on Hidden Valley Mine up the Historical Bulolo or had it been restricted for publication…..

    for i heard from the grape vine that the Nauti land owners are taking the Nakwui Association to court over the long awaited MOA REVIEW, since 2012

    • If you have any details Archie, pass them on and we will publish, there are no restrictions here!

    • Gee Mail

      The Hidden Valley MOA review was completed in October 2014 but inexplicably held by MRA until now. It is one of those that has been submitted to NEC for approval. Other gossip is that Nakuwi dictator is stepping down to contest the Wau Bulolo seat held by Sam Basil. Good luck with that.

  3. Lawrence Sorbo

    jerome.ananias@lmala.com On Jan 18, 2017 9:15 AM, “Papua New Guinea Mine Watch” wrote:

    > ramunickel posted: ” Gynnie Kero | The National | January 17, 2017 TRUST > funds for Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) villages in the > South Fly district of Western are still frozen by a court case, according > to Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML). But despite that, OTML” >

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