PNG military warns of round-up if amnesty not heeded in LNG Province

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

Radio New Zealand | 1 February 2017

A senior military official in Papua New Guinea has urged warring tribes to surrender their firearms or face the law at the end of the month.

PNG’s The National reports Lt Col John Manuai was speaking during the surrender of weapons by a tribe in Hela province at the weekend.

An amnesty is in place in the province for illegal firearms after months of tribal fighting and a build-up of high-powered weapons.

The defence force Joint Task Force Commander said the military would round people up on 28 February if they were still holding onto weapons.

On Saturday, a leader from Kikita Number Two village, Buka Minape, surrendered his high-powered weapons in the presence of police and defence force personnel.

The National reported he then called on his rival John Tipa to bring forward his group’s weapons.

The two groups had been fighting for four years over a $US3 million payment for the Tari Airport.

A similar ceremony took place on Friday at North Koroba where the Pumayu tribe handed in their weapons.

The weapons included a factory-made pump action gun and two homemade guns.


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One response to “PNG military warns of round-up if amnesty not heeded in LNG Province

  1. It is interesting that the news in Papua New Guinea continues to express that the problems in the Hela Province is due to tribal warfare. Yes or No? Which side are you on?
    There is “some” indication that “the callout is also to secure the PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project, which has been disrupted recently by incursions and blockades from disgruntled landowners” because the landowners have NOT been paid their royalties or equity that they duly deserve.
    So, like Bougainville, we see the Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG), manipulated by the owners of the LNG project (and their shareholders) who would prefer to kill the citizens of PNG who are entitled to their rights, yet denied anything, whilst the Government of PNG supports a multinational gas, mining company and send in the PNG Army.
    Interesting that the chief secretary to the PNG Government Isaac Lupari said the security operation was aimed at stabilising the province and continues to say that “it’s a law and order problem up in Hela province” but has NEVER mentioned why the troops are really there.
    Obviously, the LNG Project owners with big dollars are playing a huge roll to keep everything under wraps and doing their best to stop the truth about their human rights abuses, therefore advancing to make progress without any RESPECT for the landowners in the Hela Province or anywhere else in Papua New Guinea.


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