Government allocates additional K2m for Hela LNG Operation

Police and soldiers in Papua New Guinea wait to board a flight to the Hela Province highlands. (ABC News: Eric Tlozek)

Police and soldiers wait to board a flight to Hela Province  (ABC News: Eric Tlozek)

NBC | One Papua New Guinea | 4 February 2017

The National Government has allocated another K2 million for the special law and order call-out operations in Hela province.

Governor, Francis Potape, revealed to NBC News that the K2 million adds to an initial K11 million allocation for the operation.

Mr. Potape says, the additional funding is to cater for local police who were overlooked in the initial funding.

“The callout operations is going good so far.

“We had 200 manpower, 150 are policemen and 40 or 50 soldiers.

“So bulk of the security forces are in Tari but we have a team in Koroba and also in Komo and Magarima.

“We had 3 gun surrenders. Some highpowered guns have been returned. Those are not the guns that we are expecting. We want more guns to come out. We wanted it to be faster but its bit slow.

“So the provincial government in consultation with the security forces we’ve set a deadline for each LLG’s, and all the guns and all the warlords from the LLG’s must surrender your weapons on that day. And it will start on the 13th.13th of February in Hulia and 14th for South Koroba and 15 so we have 13 LLG’s so everything starts on the 13th”.

Weapons surrendered during the call out will be destroyed on the 27th February while the first phase of the call out is expected to end on the 28th.



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3 responses to “Government allocates additional K2m for Hela LNG Operation

  1. Gee Mail

    Sad – kickbacks galore!!

  2. So every excuse under the sun NOT to pay the landowners who need to survive whilst their environment is destroyed in front of their eyes, but 2 million kina can be found supposedly by the cash strapped PNG government to give to the PNG Defence Forces to projec the LNG Project who wont PAY the landowners in Hela Province.

  3. But 2 million kina in PNG (US dollars = $629,502.06) can be found supposedly by the cash strapped PNG Government to give to the PNG Defence Forces to PROTECT the LNG Project who won’t PAY the landowners in Hela Province. Disgusting.

    Of course, don’t forget the CEO of Oil Search, Peter Botten received a pay rise of almost $US1 million in 2014 as the company’s profit surged. “The chief executive of the operator of the massive Papua New Guinea LNG project received remuneration worth $US5.7 million in 2014, up from $US4.8 million in 2013, as Oil Search achieved a 72 per cent rise in annual net profit to $US353 million.”
    But up until the present, this repulsive company who profits from the LNG Project has NOT PAID THE LAND OWNERS.

    Oil Search state clearly that:

    “Net profit for 2014 surged by 72 per cent to $US353.2 million ($454.5 million in Australian dollars), despite write-downs of almost $US130 million after tax on oil exploration and evaluation ventures in Papua New Guinea and Yemen.

    Excluding one-off items, profit surged 135 per cent to a record $US482.8 million, broadly in line with consensus. Sales more than doubled to $US1.61 billion on production that almost trebled to 19.27 million barrels of oil equivalent.”

    See Sydney Morning Herald on 24 February 2015 at

    No wonder the land owners are up in arms whilst the rest of us vomit and see the injustice.

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