Government to pay Ramu mine landholders

After nine years of operation, the stakeholders have not seen the benefits

Tax holidays mean the Chinese are still digging for free at the Ramu mine

Why is the government having to pay out K20 million when it receives no revenues from the Chinese owned Ramu mine? Isn’t the point of these large-scale resource extraction projects that they contribute to government revenues – not add another drain on taxpayers money? 

Ramu Nickel/Cobalt project LOs to get K10m in Business Development Grants

Post Courier | February 13, 2017

THE impacted landowners of the Ramu Nickel/Cobalt project in Madang have welcomed the announcement by Government that it will pay the balance of K10 million owed to them.

This is in Business Development Grants (BDG).

‘The assurance was given by Mining Minister Byron Chan after Usino/Bundi MP Anton Yagama had raised the issue on the floor of parliament.

Chairman of Kurumbukari landowners association Tobby Bare, in welcoming the announcement said the initial commitment of K20 million had been made by the former Somare Government.

However, this commitment had been honoured by the O’Neill Government, with the first K10 million being paid.

Mr Bare said the landowners were grateful to the O’Neill Government and had urged that the balance be paid before the 2017 General Elections.

He said given the downturn in the PNG economy, the landowners had great difficulties in securing business opportunities and added that the funds would provide some relief.

“While other landowner companies in other project area have been able to progress, we have been struggling,” Mr Bare said.



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3 responses to “Government to pay Ramu mine landholders

  1. While the PNG Government will not receive any tax money from Ramu Nickel mining for at least another 8 more years, it defies all logic for PNG Government to pay LOs K20 million instead of MCC paying it.

  2. Aba damu

    Gau should feel ashamed of himself, and has to clarify on who’s interest he engaged a consultant and paid 1 million kina part of the 10 million kina BDG to the consultant and where is the fruit, who has benefited.

  3. Gee Mail

    Looks like yet another election stunt in the project area with little return to the real landowners. I wouldn’t payout the funds unless there’s a plan to support the use of the money.

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