Tribal fighting is the biggest threat to the LNG project: Potape

Photo: AFP

Post Courier | February 14, 2017

TWO separate killings have been reported in Komo station in front of security force personnel on call-out operations in Hela Province.

Deputy Governor Thomas Potape when confirming the latest killing said tribal fighting is the biggest threat to the LNG Project.

Mr Potape who is also the president of the Komo local level government said despite more than seven security force vehicle presence, a community leader was killed right at the Komo Government Station on Sunday.

He said another community leader was killed at the same station last week.

“I have all the names of all suspects in Komo LLG, the biggest threat to LNG is the tribal fighting in Komo. I am prepared to assist security forces to move into Komo.”

Mr Potape said he was in Komo for the last two weeks and the killing occurred during the call-out even when seven to nine security force vehicles were there, it did not stop the killing.

“Komo has a record in killing police, army and councilors. I have 24 councils, one was killed, they held up myself, Governor, Minister for Higher Education, police vehicles. They do not have respect for Government and the rule of law.

He said four main areas have been identified and security personnel should move in numbers to protect assets like the Komo International airport and Condensation Plant for PDL1 and 7.

He said the other three identified hot-spots are Pai Kelia, Tari town and Tagali.

“Security forces should target these four trouble hot-spots. All records are with police.

Get all these information and announce the suspect’s name in public, which village, districts and council Ward he is from. Who is his Council President? Name them and move in and the community will assist hand them in.”

“I don’t want government to spend more money without any result. I will support moves to arrest all those suspects and tribal warlords in Komo. There is so much killing. I am ashamed.”


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One response to “Tribal fighting is the biggest threat to the LNG project: Potape

  1. Is it any wonder why Mr Thomas Potape states, “They do not have respect for Government and the rule of law” when the Landowners of the LNG project area are still waiting for royalties, development levies and dividends to be paid?
    No doubt also, the Landowners have no respect for the partners in crime, Exxon-Mobil and Oil Search, and their Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project in Hela Province which commenced production in April 2014.

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