Hela of a gun haul


Gynnie Kero | The National aka The Loggers Times | February 27 2017
PEOPLE from Tari Pori in Hela gave up  150 guns and ammunition to security forces in Tari last Friday, making it the biggest gun surrender in Hela to date.
Out of the 150 firearms, 130 were homemade ones and 20 factory made. In all, at least 600 guns were surrendered in the province.  The factory-made guns included M16s, SLR (Self-Loading Rifle), pump actions and guns of all makes.
Finance Minister and Tari Pori MP James Marape praised those who surrendered their weapons in Hela.
He said that those who still hid their firearms after the amnesty would be dealt with by the law.
Operation contingent leaders Superintendent Samson Kua and Lt Col John Manuai thanked Marape for leading his Tari Pori people in hosting the biggest surrender in the province.
“On record, I can say that Tari Pori has come in a big way to surrender firearms,” Kua said.
The Tari Pori district will soon launch its community educational facility at Pai and  begin enrollment for youths who returned weapons.
Marape pointed youths towards education and not guns.
“Our Tari Pori district has the 800-student Pai College ready,” he said.
“I will take all youths into this facility to ensure you are educated to your capacity and become useful members of our society instead of living under the influence of gun and tribalism.”
More than 3000 members of Marape’s Piribu,  Paibali , Tipa, Waralo, Linabini , Hambuali and Pai clansmen, women and church members were part of the surrender programme.
Local leader and former mayor of Tari town Kopi Yabe appealed to leaders, businessmen and women and public servants of Hela to follow Marape and his tribes.
During the occasion also saw Hela provincial treasurer Marago Dagoba and Hela election manager John Tipa surrendering their tribe’s guns.
Local businessman Andaija Jeli also surrendered his.
Manuai said destruction of the firearms was delayed by a few days until Friday as all Hela MPs would be attending to Government business in Port Moresby.
Initially, the date set for destruction of firearms was tomorrow, coinciding with the second phase of the operation.



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3 responses to “Hela of a gun haul

  1. Aihi Areni

    Only 3% of factory made guns? How good is that?

  2. Moses Wininga

    A very good sign of guns surrender.We thank those responsible leaders and the community to allow for peace and prosperity rather than lawlessness and poverty.

    This action signals a very good message to the outer provinces and the nations of the world.

    Good on you the Hella Province.

  3. Yes, a great gesture to surrender their guns indeed.
    Have Exxon Mobil, Oil Search and the PNG Government paid up yet?
    At a guess, the people are still waiting for their royalties which are long overdue. Right?
    Rather than considering the goodwill signalling a good message to other provinces and nations worldwide, it would be preferred that Exxon Mobil, Oil Search and the PNG Government showed some respect and settled their obligations, don’t you think?

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