Minister says mine can transform Bougainville


Sebastian Hakalits | Post Courier | 1 March 2017

BOUGAINVILLE Minister for Minerals and Energy Resources Robin Wilson says Panguna mine is the single largest project that can move Bougainville forward.

Mr Wilson said it would ease financial hardships for landowners of Panguna and Bougainville, therefore, it was in their interest to re-open the mine. He was speaking during the presentation by Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) of its future plans for Panguna mine. Mr Wilson urged the landowners re-open, adding. “you have the veto power and whatever decision you make must be for the good of the whole of Bougainville”.

“Let’s have one voice and move forward,” Mr Wilson said at the BCL presentation that was later graced with the initial payment of K5 million to two landowner associations in outstanding 1989 to 1990 compensation payments.

The other seven groups will be paid after completing the compiling and verifying names of families. They will be paid a total of more than K14 million.



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2 responses to “Minister says mine can transform Bougainville

  1. It is good for Panguna copper mine to reopen. It will be an advantage for the Autonomous Government of Bougainville (AGB) but the people will not benefit much. That is written into the new mining constitution passed by the parliament of AGB last year. Is the AGB minister paying overdue money for what was already destroyed 2 decades ago inorder to destroy whats is left? The mining law of the AGB, the government the minister represents distances the landowners of the mining areas from participation, negotiations, protests, airing concerns……etc. Who is he fooling?

  2. The Bougainville Minister for Minerals and Energy Resources, Robin Wilson said at the BCL presentation, “Let’s have one voice and move forward,” but but there are MANY VOICES to be heard on Bougainville.
    At a guess Mr Wilson means the only voice that should be heard is the voice of the mining company, Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL).
    Well Mr Wilson, just to remind you, “WE, the People are the Voice”.

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