Local investor aims to be ‘first mining company’


Post Courier | March 02,2017

LOCAL investor company Akim- Ku Limited aims to be the first to be recognised as a mining company.

Owner Joe Tomperop told the media yesterday that the benefits of owning a mine would mean a lot for this country because it will help bring a lot of benefits for both the state and the resource project areas.

Mr Tomperop outlined this challenge when explaining why he has invested with the Lepyok-Saii landowners Association Inc of Enga province. He said it was a difficult task to invest in resources that were initially non-material, but as proven with the development of existing mining companies, small companies can reap the benefits.

He said home-grown mining companies offered spinoff benefits to local communities which paved the way for more developments giving them equal access to services which they have lacked.

“I chose this project because there are 7, 000-9,000 people living in a basin of with no form of income can ease this problem.

“SMEs invest on something they see but I am investing on something I can’t see because I believe we can do the job rather than depending on expatriates to do the job for us,” he said.

He said government assistance was welcomed in seeing a mining company, including a refinery that can enable the country to have an export license guaranteeing retention of the country’s revenue.

“I see a sleeping giant in the Kweokam gold project that can match existing alluvial mines and that is because PNG is sitting on an island of gold,” he said.


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