Reject Rio deal for Bougainville: Parkop


Peterson Tseraha | Loop PNG | March 3, 2017

The deal set out by mining giant Rio Tinto for Bougainville is bad for the people, says NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

The Governor stated that he and his party, the Social Democratic Party (SDP), will focus on rejecting the Rio Tinto offer.

Speaking at a press conference upon his arrival in Buka last week, he said the people of Bougainville cannot be offered shares over a mine that doesn’t exist.

“It’s more like a ‘catch-22’, a share that amounts to nothing but if it does amount to something then we will be forced to re-open the mine,” Parkop said.

“We need an offer that is fair and equitable that suits us better in the lives that were lost and the destruction caused culturally.

“We need a much better deal from Rio CRA and even the PNG Government for Panguna especially, it is the mine that started us on a journey to becoming a nation.

“To give us an offer without compensating us is really ridiculous, with destruction and the loss of life this offer must be rejected,” he said.

“At the end of the day, it’s a catch-22 I give you nothing so that we can open the mine, which means we will be going back to square one,” Parkop said.


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