No quick compo if Bougainville’s Panguna restarts

Panguna mine. Photo: Wellington Chocolate Factory

Panguna mine. Photo: Wellington Chocolate Factory

Radio New Zealand | 6 March 2017

The Panguna mine and the environmental and social problems that resulted from it were the key factor in the ten-year-long Bougainville civil war.

The company, now has new shareholding, including a big stake held by the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

There has long been a push for compensation but CEO Mark Hitchcock said he would expect any resolution of such a call to come once the mine is back in action.

“We see that as part of the negotiations moving forward and that any sort of compensation that is considered would be dealt with during the life cycle of a new mine and done on a community based sort of project.”

Mr Hitchcock said BCL laid out a timeline for a possible return to Panguna which would have the mine in production in the mid 2020s.



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2 responses to “No quick compo if Bougainville’s Panguna restarts

  1. Now, let us get clear here….
    Back in Port Morseby on 2 June, 2016, the Chairman and Managing Director of Bougainville Copper Limited, Mr Peter Taylor, told the 2016 Annual General Meeting and its shareholders that, “While there are some landowners opposed to reopening the mine for a range of reasons there appears to be a clear majority in favour of redevelopment.”
    Perhaps what Peter Taylor really meant was, that there is a clear majority of shareholders who the company lives for so best they not be told the reality whereby the majority of landowners and the people of Bougainville oppose the mining company ever returning to Bougainville.
    Obviously, BCL and Rio Tinto are corrupting some landowners and politicians because no one else can.

  2. Paul. Popuna

    No one is new to BCL and Rio Tinto, after very damage they have done to the people of Papua New Guinea, as if the damages done is not enough, these devils are crawling back into PNG to do more damage. We are Papua New Guineans, we live Papua New Guinean and we will die Paupa New Guineans, do not entertain the devils again, they are here to kill and destroy us, yet again.

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