Plea for assistance with pollution from Porgera mine

Tailings waste from the mine flows through the Porgera Valley. Photo: Emily Allen

Loss of Customary Water Rights

Howard Peter | Secretary, Kulinist Strickland Resource Holders Association 

The Strickland & Dumbudu river pollution and the environmental damages by the illegal use of our rightfully owned river system has the denied the rights of the river landowners of their Customary Water use rights since 1989 till now.

Our rights were denied because of the National Government’s failure to carry out its duty to inform the poor landowners before the approval of various water use permits for Porgera Joint Venture on the effects of mine tailings, sediments and mine derived wastes on the environment, river system and the landowners living along the river system.

The denial has led to many sufferings and frustrations by the innocent river landowners who relied on the river for their daily activities. Due to the pollution and environmental damages, the landowners could no longer enjoy these rights and as a result have suffered loss and frustrations and some of their customary water rights are lost forever.

Health Related Problems

The river landowners along each section of the river have experienced a lot of health problems that they have never experienced in their life time. Some form of skin irritation diseases were faced by the landowners who used the polluted river for transport, swimming and even eating fish caught in the polluted river.

Many landowners have died due to these problems since 1990 and till now and they continue to suffer and die in their remote villages that have no access to health services.

Noting these facts , people have suffered greatly due to Department of Environment and Conservation and other responsible state agencies negligence.

Affected communities living along Strickland and Dumbudu river areas now waiting for Hela Provincial Government to look in to these allegations immediately before Barrick PJV exit by selling its 95% shares. Department has continuously ignored our plea to date , HPG to step in and do something to help ol taragu lo ples.

This issue is prolong issue so its time for Hela Provincial government to step in and do something inorder to avoid company sell its stakes of 95% to interested company. I have verbally approached with Hela Provincial government and I also wrote to them but they continuously fail to address my environmental damages and River pollution issues.




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4 responses to “Plea for assistance with pollution from Porgera mine

  1. Helen

    Contact the Press overseas, contact the ABC in Australia, speak on the radio, contact Greenpeace, Avaaz, publicise..,

  2. Looking at the mining company website, they certainly do NOT mention the landowners.
    They say,
    Our vision is the generation of wealth through responsible mining—wealth for our owners, our people, and the countries and communities with which we partner.

    We aim to be the leading mining company focused on gold, growing our cash flow per share by developing and operating high-quality assets, through disciplined allocation of human and financial capital, and operational excellence.

    Barrick has mining operations in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Zambia. More than 75% of our gold production comes from the Americas region.

    The Company was founded in 1983 by Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist Peter Munk, and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Barrick’s shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ABX.


    We have intentionally eschewed the traditional hierarchical organizational model, in favor of an authentic partnership model, because we believe that complex matters are better understood and managed by a team of partners—especially in assessing and reducing risk.

    Perhaps it is time for our friendly activists in Canada, particulary in Toronto to act in solidarity to stop the filth of Barrick Gold. In solidarity.

    Barrick Gold Corporation
    Brookfield Place
    TD Canada Trust Tower
    161 Bay Street, Suite 3700
    P.O. Box 212
    Toronto, Canada M5J 2S1

  3. Ask the media person what he thinks….
    To: Andy Lloyd,
    Senior Vice President
    Barrick Gold Corporation

    Do you ever think about the land owners and their environment?

    Telephone: +1 416 307-7414

  4. Looking at the extent of the devastation oinmg destruction anywhere.n Google Earth Pro, which is free. It is appalling, and perhaps the most extensive mine damage anywhere on this planet.

    I say that as an ex-gold exploration geologist, but a lifelong green..

    GE pro will have historical images, will check those next.

    There is something very wrong with the supposed earthquakes of the last few weeks, as local folk have said. All at exactly 10 kms depth, same as all military fake quakes..That repeating depth is utter geological nonsense.

    Will get back.



    Peter Spencer Ravenscroft. Geologist/social anthropologist/aging grump. Ravenswood Wildlife Sanctuary (Google “Rescue Ravenswood “ if interested) Closeburn, Queensland, Australia. Ph: 617 32894470 Email

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